Professional name badges provide a security blanket for healthcare facilities by insisting on employees wearing their ID cards while on duty. Across hierarchies, whether medical personnel or a staff member, displaying your tags is the only way others know your credentials. Using your ID card, you can gain access to areas otherwise restricted to the general public.

Once you have selected ID cards for your medical staff, the next step is to figure out how they should be displayed. Choosing the right badge accessory ensures your employees can effortlessly wear their IDs day in and out. Keep in mind the following to arrive at an informed decision:

  • Identity cards that are swiped or scanned while on duty are best attached to retractable ID badge reels
  • Lanyards with badge holders are ideal when your staff is only required to display their credentials on their person
  • Badge accessories that facilitate custom branding with your printed logo lend a powerful message, especially while interacting with key stakeholders
  • Employee badges are not exposed to the elements while in a covered hospital environment; hence, safe from dust, grime, and debris

Useful Accessory

With a badge reel, your hospital staff benefits in the following manner:

  • Facilitates quick access during emergencies
  • Saves on time spent accessing ID cards
  • Prevents misplacement of identity badges
  • Attaching magnetic access cards to reels makes them convenient to carry

Medical Professionals

Features to Consider

A simple badge reel accessory plays a strategic role by securely holding medical identities and access cards. To serve their purpose well and prove highly functional in a hectic work environment, they must possess specific features.

Establish the following listed features while sourcing ID badge reels for your much in demand medical staff:

Twist-free End Fitting

A badge reel that twists, entangles, or develops a snag while your doctors and nurses are in the midst of an emergency, poses a safety hazard. Hospital environments have plenty of equipment, monitors, devices, and intravenous solution poles where a reel can potentially get caught.

Check the reels’ product description before sourcing them to ensure they have a no-twist design and detach quickly should something tug at them. An effective release system protects your patients and staff members who are frequently attending to the sick.

Rotating Swivel Clip

Swivel clips that rotate fully within a 360-degree range can be presented with ease when identities need to be verified. These clips give your employees the flexibility to display their badges to security officials even behind them. When medical staff is in a rush, the swivel clip allows them to flash their IDs without them having to rotate.


Heavy-duty Construction

Badge reels constructed to withstand the weight of additional items attached to them besides ID cards reflect durability. Your healthcare employees attach their essential belongings to these reels.

With constant usage, delicate badge reels can wear off. When this happens, your team is at risk of losing essential items that easily detach from the reel. Badge reels that boast of carrying at least four ounces and can withstand several pulls per day are your best option.

Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer of a quality badge reel confidently offers you a lifetime service policy. Because they have designed and constructed their product with such finesse, they have full faith in their abilities. When your investment comes with a lifetime warranty, you are assured that replacements and repairs come at no extra cost.

Approach specialists to guide you in selecting the ideal badge reel for your busy medical personnel who need a durable and convenient option. These reels are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. As a result, you get the flexibility to find a suitable match that enhances your team’s professional image.

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