There’s nothing like summer pleasures after a long dark winter — whether it’s spending some quiet time in nature after being cooped up indoors, going on a road trip or flying somewhere exotic, we all deserve a break after surviving another Canadian winter.

But nothing will ruin your trip more than learning that your business is the latest to suffer a data breach — every potential data vulnerability a company has needs to be sealed up by information destruction specialists. Read on to see how the professionals can keep your business safe this summer.

Commercial Data Destruction

The professional shredders leading the industry today destroy much more than paper, though you may be excused for associating shredding with paper shredding. They have kept up with the times, and in just the way your company has shifted to storing reams of information on electronic devices, so they are capable of destroying all electronics.

Some electronic devices are primarily used to store information, and the professional shredders can securely eliminate any hard drive, flash/USB drive, back-up tapes and drives, smartphones, laptops or tablets. But there are also devices such as photocopier and printer memory cards that may contain sensitive information.

data breaches

If you’re not sure whether any of these electronic devices are storing particularly sensitive information, then there’s a chance that they are — the safest thing to do is hire professional shredders. You can’t merely throw these devices out; the microchips need to be destroyed to the point where none of the information on them is recoverable. You can click here for more info about how professional shredders guarantee that the information you turn over to them will no longer pose any potential data liability.

NAID-Certified Destruction

What separates the truly top-grade professional shredders from the imitators? One major difference is that the real experts are AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the industry’s only quality assurance program.

NAID verifies security and compliance using unannounced audits, so you can be confident that the business you’re entrusting to prevent data breaches is conducting itself according to the highest standards.

Convenient, Secure Paper Shredding                                                      

No matter how advanced your office is or how committed it is to being paper-free, inevitably paper documents bearing sensitive information accumulate over the years. So long as these documents are no longer needed, the safest course of action is to have them securely shredded.

The best professional shredders will make this both secure and easy — for small jobs, they can do all the shredding outside your office in their mobile shredding truck. For larger jobs, they can securely transport the documents to their facility where they’ll be shredded.

If your competition gets their hands on your sensitive information, they can use it to undermine your business, blackmail you, or something else. While hacks against powerful companies and even political parties have made most of the headlines, all businesses, no matter how small, can be targeted: don’t let your summer be ruined, call the professional shredders today.

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