Somewhere along the line, before anyone gets their first dog, it always seems to be stress-free. We all never know what came with getting one. Getting a dog may seem like a fun thing to do, but in reality, it is time-consuming, and it has emotional, financial, and physical effects on an individual. Below is a list of things you need to know before owning a dog 

Your daily routine will completely change

Walking will become a priority for you. Before your dog is fully house-trained, you could be woken up at all hours of the night when your dog has to go to the bathroom.

You’ll also have to adjust your routine to include time to take your furry friends on walks, on visits to the vet, and if you’ve planned a trip in the near future — you might want to reschedule.

You’ll be spending a lot of money

Pets aren’t cheap. Having a dog is a bad idea if you’re having money troubles. They could cost you an average of $80- 140 per month— and that is not including all the new supplies, toys, and vet appointments you’ll be paying for right when you get your new fur baby.

You’ll basically have to pet-proof your house

Pet-proofing your house is a definite necessity, just like baby-proofing.

Note to self; anything your dog can chew, it will. So ensure that any shoe you like or childhood stuffed animals you’re attached to are safely out of reach.

You might have to get rid of certain plants and everyday household items

Be careful of what you leave lying around. There are a number of plants and foods that are safe for humans but can be hazardous to your dog.

Going anywhere will take twice as long

This is because your dog will want to smell everything or pee everywhere, and people will continuously want to pet your new friend. Yes, everyone you see on your walk will want to stop at least and say hello to your new pup. And that’s a good thing! Loneliness and lack of social interaction can have some pretty severe consequences.

Your social life will change

If you don’t walk your dog, they’ll pee all over your stuff. With that said, forget spontaneous trips, impromptu drinks after work, or late nights out — dogs are like kids, you can’t leave them alone for too long.

Everything you own will be covered in dog hair

It is said that some breeds that claim to be shed-free will still leave your house covered in fur. And if you do have a dog that sheds you may need to invest in an industrial-grade lint roller and vacuum cleaner. However, the reason for the loss of hair could be as a result of mites; dogs suffer from pest infestation including mites, fleas, and ticks. If you notice that your dog scratches, gnaws, at its skin, you should check it out, it could be a pest problem. There is no need to panic, you can easily get a flea or tick exterminator near you to help you get rid of pests in your home.

Adopting A Dog

You’ll have to get used to being climbed over all the time

Dogs show their unconditional love towards their owners in a different way. They show it in various ways, including sitting on your head and stretching out all over your legs.

You’ll be getting more exercise

Take your dog on a hike. Dog owners are more active than people without pups and walk around a lot. In fact, a dog owner will walk their pet 1,000 miles a year.

Going to work will break your heart

Basically, you’ll never want to leave your house again once you get a dog. Unfortunately, not all companies give ” puppylity leave.”

You’ll gain a best friend for life

Of course, you might think you know how much you’re going to love your furry bundle of joy, but it’s hard to describe how quickly you can become attached to your dog.

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