For most pet owners, one of the hardest things about going away is that they have to leave their pets behind. But, if you pick the right place to stay for your precious pooch, there is no need to worry much about him!

But, the problem is that not all boarding kennels are created equal! Here, we have put together a list of things to help you pick the best facility that will be like a vacation for your dog:

Visit The Kennel Before Leaving Your Pet There

Once you find a suitable option for your dog, spare some time to visit the kennel before committing. Speak with the staff and give yourself peace of mind that your pet will get the best possible care there. 

Check what vaccinations the kennel provides, the company’s protocol for handling medical emergencies, the kind of facility your dog will have access to, etc. 

Make sure that the boarding is well-ventilated and clean. Besides kennel cough, there is a risk of many contagious diseases in dogs. So, hygiene is the key. 

While inspecting the kennel, also inquire about the history of the dog escaping or getting into a fight. Check whether the staff is responsible enough to provide your dog with the special needs he requires.

Check For The Insurance It Provides

Though there are some circumstances that are out of control, you should be prepared. A responsible dog boarding facility understands this and is bonded or insured. If the dog should be injured, or if it harms other dogs, people or property, the insured boarding facility covers you for the costs. It means while your dog is in the kennel, you aren’t on the hook for the bill.

Inquire About Certifications And Training

For certifications or licenses, every state and province has its own regulations. Make sure that the boarding facility you choose has experienced staff and appropriate certifications. While visiting the kennel, don’t hesitate to ask for the official documents of the facility. 


Further, the amount of training acquired by the staff members may vary. At some facilities, they must have animal care certification, while in others, the boarding facility hires students from local high school.

But, a reputed boarding kennel must have at least one member on duty with officially recognized pet care qualification. And, the entire staff should be trained in dog’s first aid.

Bring The Dog’s Belongings To Make Him Feel Comfortable

Your pet will feel more comfortable if he finds all his familiar items around. You can bring your pet’s bedding or blanket along with a few toys. Just make sure that the boarding facility allows these things in the kennel. 

Write Out Some Feeding Instructions For The Staff, If Needed

You don’t want your lovely pet to end with digestive problems from switching to a different diet. So, it is better to continue with the regular diet and ask whether you can bring it to the kennel. Many of the boarding kennels allow dogs to eat their usual food while staying there. You can also explain special feeding instructions to the staff if any.

Prepare Your Dog For Boarding 

As you land to the right place for your dog’s stay, make sure he is up-to-date with vaccinations and medications. Being an owner, you can consider leaving home with your dog, such as a shirt, a special toy, etc.

Provide a list of your contact information, as well as a local friend for emergencies. If your dog likes to be petted in a specific way, let the staff know that too. Hand over any medicines your pet is on and tell the staff how, when they should administer it.


Having your dog’s stay in a boarding kennel can be stressful for both you and him. However, with this little research, you can provide your pet with a joyful experience. 


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