The Charmed series does an excellent job of depicting female powers throughout the eight seasons. The comic series is supernatural-based, aside from being a female-dominated TV show. Below is a list of things viewers miss about the Charmed show.

The Ingenious Dialogue

Being three gorgeous young women possessing supernatural powers, the Halliwell sisters have the right to possess a certain amount of sass and confidence. The best part about the female leads, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Paige (Rose McGowan), Prue (Shannen Doherty), and Piper (Holly Marie Combs), is their influential roles. Their humour is witty, sarcastic, compelling, and dark at times, giving the characters more depth. Brad Kern gets credit for the lines, but the deliverance comes down to the sisters, who hit the mark anytime by cracking jokes, even in the face of imminent danger.

The Costumes

The three prominent sisters in the Charmed series make viewers miss the early ’00s and late ’90s fashion. Thanks to the Charmed show, high-waisted pants, and crop tops are slowly returning in today’s world. The three sisters look great in these outfits, whether in pleather or halter tops, along with some ever-changing and fabulous hairstyles. Not only do viewers want to possess the powers just like the Halliwell sisters do, but they also want to look just like them while using those powers.

The Power of Three

Aside from the relationship storylines and love interests, what sets the Charmed show apart from other TV shows is that three female witches dominate it. The central relationship that gets the focus is the bond the three sisters possess throughout the series. The three sisters protect the innocent and use their powers to defeat sources of all evil. The Halliwell sisters also function as protectors of their powers, and viewers witness the effects of broken power following Prue’s death at the end of season three.

The Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is the only guide for the three sisters’ powers. Some spirits try to steal the encyclopedia throughout the episodes to learn the most powerful witches’ lines and centuries-old secrets. Thanks to the storylines and great characters, every viewer wants to be a powerful witch, which all begins with the Book of Shadows, which contains intricate descriptions and drawings of magical beings and demons. The book contains all the spells the three sisters need to defeat the enemies.

Their Powers

The three sisters possess a powerful force when enforcing the overall Power of Three, but their individual powers are also incredible. Viewers miss the ladies kicking demon butt, their fearless nature, and the fact that they each possess different limitations and powers. Unlike other witch stories, the three sisters can only achieve so much individually, which adds realism to their characters and creativity to the entire series. Prue has telekinesis which grows powerful with time, and she’s also capable of astral projection, while Piper can freeze time, which turns into an overall ability to manipulate molecules, meaning that she can selectively freeze and blow things up. Phoebe’s main power is a premonition, although she learns to levitate, aside from gaining powers of empathy, which allows her to manipulate the emotions of others.

The Charmed series is about three sisters who are witches. The show is packed with magic guided by the Book of Shadows. The TV show includes mythical and magical creatures around every episode, which helps capture viewers’ attention.

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