Summer tan happens when the harsh UV rays have direct contact on the skin. Getting a sunburn highly increases the chances of skin cancer, and getting on tanning may cause pigmentation on your body. Once you are tanned it is not that easy to get rid of it. It is better to start taking measures before you land your skin on the worst side.  

Are you also fascinated by the delicious mangoes that come in the summer? Aww, then we are on the same plane. But we all know summer just not gets mangoes, but it also brings the summer tan along. And this excuss is not gonna work, and you will have to step out and beat this summer and still stay glowing and beautiful. Here are some tips and tricks that will get the glow back and you will not have to cut your pocket. Trust me they are all safe and tried tips. You don’t need to confuse now with a lot of products crossing your way and spending them and not feeling it worth. The products that I have mentioned below are a budget and will clear you tan in just a few days.

1. Coloressence Nature’s tan soap:

Coloressence Nature's tan soap

Now lets start with the first step, you might have read in various books or blogs that soaps should not be used on the face and this might be a real confusion in your head but trust me this tan free soap really works it contains lactose which helps in soothing of the skin and you are left with soft tan-free skin. You either get this soap from any nearby store or order on the shopping apps like Amazon or nykaa.

Ways to use it: start your routine with this soap it would be great if you take a bath using this soap twice a day as it will help you stay Tan free and beautiful.

2. Lotus white glow:

Lotus white glow

Now the step two is here this cream is gonna change the entire look for sure. It has SPF 25 and PA+++ and its comfortable for all skin type. It’s a cream-gel base and does not have any side effect. Start using this as your regular sunscreen and help your skin be Tan free.  Lotus is one of the leading brands in the industry of cosmetic.

How to use it:

After taking a good shower, tap your body with a towel and apply drops on your face and neck now massage the cream upwards and let the cream start its cation. Its always adviced that you use sunscreens before 30min of leaving home.

3. Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub:

Walnut Scrub

Now, this is a  tip that you should use every three days. This scrub has been very girl best friend from a very long time. The scrub in this really nice and helps in removing the blackheads and also the hard Tan that forms a layer on your skin. It is the best tip that can reduce the problems of the skin caused by pollution and the sun.

How to use it:

Tap little water on the face and neck

Scrub the face with the  Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

Scrub for around one-two minutes

Once you are done, rub ice on the face and massage your face

Wash your face, and enjoy your clean and bright look.

4. Oriflame honey sugar scrub:

Oriflame honey sugar scrub

Sugar is an excellent ingredient that helps in removal of Tan. Oriflame is a brand that has unique products designed for each particular use. So I have been trying this product a lot, and it has really helped in removing the Tan.

How to use it:

You can use this tan removal scrub every day as its not that harsh on the face, and it will help your skin stay soft and bright.

5. VLCC Clear Tan with Cucumber ExtractVLCC Clear Tan


It is a cucumber product, so it helps in providing refreshment to the face and helps in removing the dullness on your face. Cucumber generally helps in removing the dark layer on the face that is formed when a lot of Tan is present. So this can be a great option and safety tip for you

How to use it:

After doing a scrub, you can apply this pack, and once the pack is dried, you can rub ice over your face and remove the pack with water this is a pro tip for sure.

These are some great special tips that can help you be happy and glow even in summer without being scared of being tanned. Why should the fun stop with summer? Let’s enjoy this summer and go Tan free. To maintain your skin good you don’t need to spend a lot of money these all mentioned above are

Hope these tips work and you have flawless skin.

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