As far as unique places are concerned, Hong Kong must be on the first page of places to visit, and for good reason, as this enchanting island has always been different to mainland China in almost every way. Since handed back by the British in 1997, this has remained a special administration region of China and its commercial activities and society have not been restricted in any way; indeed, China sees Hong Kong as a role model, as it modernises its growing cities.

Huge Commercial Hub

Hong Kong has long been a critical port that is a gateway into Asia and mainland China and the port region is as busy as ever and in no way detracts anything from this unique island territory. The port area is always busy, as you would expect, with thousands of containers travelling both ways, incoming and outgoing, yet the operation is smooth.

Long & Colourful History

As you would expect, Hong Kong has a very long and colourful history, being a major port and gateway into China and Asia. This island became a part of the British Colony during the First Opium War in 1841 and Great Britain obtained a 99-year lease on the territory in 1898, which expired in 1987, resulting in the handing over of the territory by the British. From 1941-1945, Hong Kong was occupied by Japan and after Japan’s surrender, the region was back in British control, which lasted a further 40-plus years until Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese government.

Boating Hub

Perfectly placed to explore the diverse marine life, tourism is well represented and with affordable boat rentals in Hong Kong from a leading yacht charter firm, you can have a floating base for your stay in Hong Kong and get to see the natural unspoilt beauty. A Google search will help you find the best yacht charter firm that operates out of Hong Kong and they have a range of packages and an impressive fleet of luxury vessels.

Victoria Harbour at Night

There’s nothing like dining on the water at the mouth of Victoria Harbour and you can ask the captain where are the best places to moor and enjoy an exclusive meal onboard a luxury yacht. After the meal, you can cruise along the coast, taking in the evening lights on the skyscrapers, while being served your favourite cocktail. On the topic of travel, here are a few essentials to pack.

Hong Kong

Escaping the Crowds

Renting a boat is the best way to escape the people in this very busy region and you can visit Yim Tin Tsai, a cultural heritage site that has to be experienced. You can see the old salt pans and let’s not forget St Joseph’s Chapel, where nothing has changed for years; there are some nice snorkelling areas not far from the mainland and the skipper can advise you where to see the diverse marine life in the region hosts. Having a seasoned skipper in your team is a game-changer and he can always come up with the perfect venue to suit your mood.

The Ninepin Islands

See the hexagonal columns on North Ninepin and you can experience the force of the seas if you moor at the mouth of the Tiger Mouth Cave, which is the highlight of the tour. You could spend a few days touring this area and the skipper knows all the best places to moor and enjoys the natural unspoilt beauty that surrounds the Ninepin Islands. If you want to experience the open ocean, the skipper would likely take you just outside of the territorial waters, so you can experience the massive swells, although you wouldn’t want to spend much time there.

Explore the Region

Hiring a fully-crewed luxury yacht really lets you experience the many wonders of this region, while you can spend some time in the city, there is so much to explore when you get onto the water. When you charter a luxury yacht, the price is all-inclusive and you get to plan your route, plus you can change your plans at any time, as you are in charge, so to speak.

The Ultimate in Luxury Travel

Chartering a private yacht is about as good as water travel gets, with every luxury you could imagine and when travelling to Hong Kong, always check regarding entry requirements due to Covid. Once you have your visa, you can book your chosen vessel and enjoy the many delights that Hong Kong has to offer foreign tourists.

The CBD area is best enjoyed at night and you might want to take in a show or dine at one of the 5-star hotels, with stunning views of the harbour.

Chartering a yacht gives you an independent base on which to explore the wonders that this region has to offer.

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