You may be planning to live on the road because you’re a free spirit, retired, or have a job that involves constant traveling. No matter what your reason is, you will benefit from having some resources that help you navigate different facets of your life. Combined, these directories form the ultimate guide for life on the road.

Lodging Directory

You will need to decide whether to purchase a recreational vehicle (RV) or use motels, hotels, or Airbnbs, which are often less expensive than traditional hotels. You will be able to cook for yourself and store more possessions if you buy an RV. This can save you money but will need to identify campgrounds to stay at. Towns have visitor guides available that provide this information.

Insurance Directory

You can access extensive reviews of RV warranty companies through Today’s Best. This resource guide outlines the important features of a variety of services and practical tips to help you decide which warranty is the right one for you. An extended warranty can cover emergency repairs and save you money. You can be confident you have thought through all the relevant factors and made an informed decision if you use this resource.

Practical Directory

Every person has essential, practical needs. You will need to purchase groceries, toiletries, and clothes no matter where you live. You may also need repair facilities for your RV maintenance. You can access this information through online business directories, such as Bing Places for Business, Yellowbook, and Whitepages. Whitepages also provide listings for individuals. Find a business directory that suits your needs and bookmark it in your phone’s web browser so that you can always find restaurants, grocery stores, and any other shops you need in the towns you visit.

Living on the Road

Geographic Directory

You can opt to use a map or a GPS to navigate while you are driving, but a map book can be a handy resource even if you have a GPS system. Mapbooks can give you a visual overview or larger areas, such as geographic regions, or provide more specific location information for cities and towns. You will be able to identify geographic features in the area and get a sense of the distance between sites you may be interested in visiting. You also do not need to worry about losing a signal.

Spiritual Directory

When you travel you will not have a regular church to attend or a minister to turn to for spiritual guidance. There are study Bibles for sale that are designed to help inform your understanding of the Bible. These Bibles provide extra information that explains the context and significance of the scriptures you’re reading. You will be able to have meaningful devotional time and ensure your continued spiritual growth with a study Bible on hand. Study Bibles are available in the King James Version (KJV) or other versions, such as New International Version (NIV).

Health Directory

Research health insurance plans to find the best plan for your needs before you start your life on the road. You may need travel insurance if you intend to visit different states or countries. You can also ask your insurance provider for a list of medical professionals in the regions you plan to travel to who is covered by their insurance. This will ensure that you know where you can seek medical care without worrying about whether or not your insurance will cover your needs.

Exercise Directory

In order to stay healthy, you will need to stay active and get regular exercise. You may be able to develop a routine you can do in your RV or motel room. If you have a map book on hand you may be able to identify good walking trails at local parks. Fill empty milk jugs with water to create a homemade weight so that you can perform simple weightlifting exercises. Use the steps to your RV for stepping exercises. Other exercise items you can pack that takes up limited space include resistance bands and jump ropes.

Social Directory

Spending all your time can get lonely. Turn to local directories to find out about special events, such as local festivals, you may wish to attend. You can also access community groups on social media sites to learn about activities you can attend. Parks and recreation directories will also provide information on short-term classes. You may be able to join a local church game night, attend a local book club meeting, or sign up for a weekend workshop to learn a craft.

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