Most people relocate to a new place at least once in their lifetime, either for lucrative career opportunities or a fresh start. Otherwise, it could be a turning point happening in life, such as the death of a loved one, an up-gradation to a bigger house, or kids going abroad for studies. In either case, moving leads to various tasks such as planning, organizing, procuring supplies, and making all the arrangements on time. Above all, you have to ensure that all your stuff reaches the new destination safely without any damage. Therefore, the notion of moving homes brings anxiety and restlessness.

Nonetheless, it is possible to make this process less stressful if you get a reliable guide to follow. Today’s moving guide will help you with tried and tested hacks to make your moving process swift and easy.

Find a storage unit near your house

You could be moving to a house that you recently bought, constructed, or rented. In either case, you might find a lot of stuff in your home that you don’t immediately need in your new place. The best way to accommodate such items is a storage unit in a reliable facility. Keeping unwanted things in a storage facility can ease the transition and make the new place more spacious. Whether it’s your office supplies, your old vehicle, art pieces, or furniture item, a storage unit can keep your belongings safe. Besides, you can find a storage unit in the area or city you are moving to without much effort.

For instance, hiring self storage Revelstoke is an excellent idea if you plan to move to Revelstoke, Texas. Finding a storage unit near your house makes it easy to access the stuff whenever you need it. These storage facilities are temperature-controlled and fully secured, so your belongings remain safe and unspoiled from extreme weather or humidity.

Make a timeline

It’s imperative to jot down a timeline of all the events leading to the final day of moving. Besides, the earlier you start, the merrier. Mark your milestones by date and monitor your progress. At least start the work one month before relocating to your new place.


The timeline should be realistic enough to cater to unforeseen circumstances. For example, you might get guests suddenly coming over to your house or a hurried visit to go out of the city.

Start packing from the room least in use

When you start packing, begin from that part of the house that is least frequently used or an area unnecessary for your stay. For instance, your kid’s playroom or entertainment room is one area that you can survive without utilizing/occupying for some days. Similarly, the kitchen should be a place you might want to pack in the end.

You can also start packing delicate pieces such as art pieces in your house. Such stuff needs time and concentration to pack with care.

Develop a moving budget

Buying a new house or renting a place is expensive, and so is moving. It requires procurement of moving supplies such as cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wraps, and strings and payment made to movers. Therefore, instead of panicking at the end, make a moving budget that you can use throughout the process.

The moving budget depends on what services you’ll outsource and which ones you will perform yourself. For instance, you might save some money paid to the mover company if you arrange your vehicle.

Get a moving company on board

Some people try to save money and avoid hiring a mover company. But you can’t deny that hiring a moving company can make your process smoother and more straightforward. On the contrary, you may ask someone from your acquaintances to arrange for a moving vehicle. But in that case, there is a chance of them bailing out on you at the last minute.

You will also have to lift and load your stuff which could be physically exhausting. So going for a mover firm is a prudent choice. Moving companies offer both full and partial service. In the whole package, they help with packing and unpacking, but the cost increases in that case. So, you have to decide between opting for either complete or partial services, considering your budget.

Get your new place cleaned before you move

No one would want to move to a dirty and messy house. So, ensure to get it cleaned before you unload and place your stuff. Once all the things go to their respective places, cleaning the house can become truly difficult. You can visit the house a day before moving and thoroughly clean the house. Else you can hire a professional cleaner too. We recommend the latter option as cleaning the house will deplete your energy to make the final move the next day.

Professional cleaners are available on an hourly basis. The rate can be $25-$90 per hour, depending on your preference to employ an individual or a professional cleaning company.

Protect your china

Protecting china during transit is one of the most complex tasks during moving. It could be stressful for many people as they fret about the safety of their delicate stuff. One way to protect them is by using soft linen, T-shirts, or towel to cushion the china and fragile pottery. Likewise, we suggest you get some Styrofoam for added protection.


Moving is full of unavoidable hassles and brings a lot of stress for almost every person. However, the right guide can help you make this process easier and swift. Making smart decisions, such as hiring a professional mover firm, renting a storage unit, and developing a budget, can set you on the right course of a hassle-free moving process. If you plan to make a move shortly, our guide can help you make the right choices.

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