If you are a new real estate agent in the housing market, then you need to use specific types of marketing strategies so you can reach out to new clients, get more customers through the door, and ensure that you can build your customer base. Instead of just trying the same-old marketing tactics that will work for established agents, you need to try something new to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Being a new real estate agent has its challenges – but using marketing strategies is essential for you to build a clientele base and begin selling houses. One of the best ways you can begin building your niche in the real estate world and sell some high-priced houses is using expired listing postcards! But what are they? How can you create expired listing postcards from your real estate business to show that you are the top choice for clients looking to sell their houses? Let’s check out how you can use expired listing postcards templates in your marketing strategy to begin building your business.

Use postcards in highly-viewed places

One of the main ways to incorporate just expired listing postcards templates in your marketing strategy is to use this opportunity in places that are frequently viewed by customers and clients! Instead of just sending these postcards and sending them to people who are not in your target market or in less-viewed places, use the expired listing postcards templates and send them to people’s houses, emails, or other locations that are frequently seen by potential customers.

Boost your marketing response rates!

The second benefit of using expired listing realtor postcards is to boost your marketing outreach and response! You can incorporate these templates into your marketing strategy to ensure that you get a higher response rate than you would with cold calling clients, sending emails, or using other types of outreach methods that are less effective. By using just expired listing postcards, you can increase your responses from clients by including your name, contact information, and other info on your postcard!


Incorporate your photo

The next way that you can use your expired listing postcards templates in your marketing strategy is to incorporate vibrant and eye-catching photos onto your designs. By reading a template that is aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching, and interesting for people to look at, they are immediately going to be drawn to the postcard and it will increase the chance of them reaching out to you to use your services.

Personalize your postcards!

The last way that you can use expired listing postcards templates for your business is to personalize your templates so you can give the people an example of your personality. Instead of just using the same-old templates, you can use unique, exciting, and personalized decorations on your templates to measure that people get a real sense of who YOU are as a person and a businessperson.


Instead of needing the same-old blank and boring postcard to your potential clients in the housing world, use just expired listing postcards that contain flair, personality, and your contact information to build your clientele base!

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