As a taxi driver, you need to make sure that you buy robust and durable taxi insurance. Such insurance should safeguard you and your vehicle during emergency situations.

As a taxi driver, there is a high likelihood that you drive your cab to long distance. Besides the driving hours of a cab driver are likely to be odd. Which poses a high risk of facing emergency situations.

Your individual circumstances decide the level of taxi insurance you need to opt. For example, if you want to get one car insured, or you want insurance for the whole fleet. You can also choose a private or public insurance.

Taxi drivers are perceived as high risks by taxi insurance companies. The main reason for this perception is because of the nature of the job of taxi drivers.

 Mostly, taxi insurance is not cheap. It costs you a good amount of money, but given the risk involved in taxi driving, it is worth giving a shot. Try to get your cabs on road after getting them insured.

But remember, when we talk about getting taxi insurance things can be difficult and unexpected. The brokers and providers will ask you several questions, which might be difficult for you to answer. But the quotation they give you depends upon the answers you have given them.

It’s easier to be seen as a “high risk” driver by the insurances companies. You might not see yourself as a high-risk driver, but through their glasses, you look like one.

Maybe, you are the owner of a modified or luxury vehicle, your driving experience is limited, or you are deliberated a “young driver”. Maybe, you get a few speeding tickets, some points on your driving license or any other minor misconduct as a driver.

But remember, it is minor misconduct for you. For insurance companies, this misconduct makes you a high-risk driver.  Whatever your circumstances are, taxi insurance for high-risk drivers is expensive.

Following are a few reasons that make you a high-risk driver.

New driver

The insurance rates for new drivers are often sky high. As a new taxi driver, your first deal for taxi services may be coupled with a surprise factor you. You might not be expecting such high cost of insurance.

But remember, for insurance companies, your inexperience is your weakness, and they try to materialize your weakness for their own benefit.

Young driver

If you lack driving experience, most of the insurance companies will feel doubtful about covering you. Because they do not have your past record in front of them to evaluate your performance.


This factor of uncertainty is what makes you a high risk for them. Taxi insurance for the people who lie under 25 age bracket is always a hassle. The premium money you pay for this insurance is higher than other taxi insurances.

Convicted driver

As a taxi driver, you have to cover lots of distance per day, which increases the chances of your conviction. Your fault might be minor, for example, over speeding etc.

As a convicted driver, the chances are that you have to pay lots of money for your taxi insurance. No matter, how minor your conviction was, you will have to pay large sums for insurance. Mostly, convicted fellas are seen as high risk by the insurance companies.

Your conviction gives a reason for these insurance companies to get the most out of your pocket for insurance.

How to avoid paying large sums for insurance as a high-risk driver?

First of all, try to complete an advanced driving course, especially when you are a young or new driver. It helps you to win the confidence of the insurance company, and you might save some money.

Secondly, try to choose a higher deductible. By doing so, you may exclude a few things from insurance, but it would definitely cost you less. Mostly, insurances allow you to choose the deductibles. You must get benefit from this.

Thirdly, if you pay annually, rather than monthly, you can save some money. Annual payment method suits most of the insurance companies. So. If you provide them amount annually, they might decrease the insurance cost.

Lastly, as a teenager, or as a taxi driver, you can sign some driving contracts. These contracts are made to make you adhere to the traffic rules. If you are a signatory of such contracts, you can get discounts on your insurance policy.

Remember, as a high-risk driver, you need to be vigilant and should try to abide by the traffic rules.

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