Companies are always interested in expanding their sales footprint in other markets with the sole aim of increasing competition and finding new customers. Indirect channel programs are instrumental in expanding the company’s sales footprint to unknown and very lucrative markets. If you are highly interested in revamping your current channels or creating new relationships with new sales partners, you need to formulate a strategic plan of how that is going to help your business.


Current trends show that the business sector is moving quickly towards new business models that are efficient and less costly. Technology is currently pushing sales executives and marketers out of their comfort zones. Working with the right partners could be the difference between success and failure. Managing channel partnerships is a strategic decision that ensures that you only have the best partners in your team. Here are some few tricks that will help your company to select the best partner to increase the chances of success.

First, before selecting any partner to assist in market expansion, you need to find the gaps in your marketing strategies. Most of the sales partners specialize in various niche areas, which means that you will only enter into a partnership that helps you to fill the existing gaps. There are multiple channel partners out there in the industry that you can identify to fill the gaps depending on your company needs. Some of the common partners that you can select include sales partners, delivery partners, and maintenance partners.

  • Avoid Making Impulsive Decisions

Many people have made recruitment an emotional aspect because it is highly associated with a lack of the necessary skills in the company. You might be working hard to get a channel partner so that you can increase your sales in a particular region. It is evident that any delay in selecting the channel partner could increase the time it takes for the company to start selling its products. However, despite working hard to get a channel partner, you should avoid making impulsive decisions. Making quick decisions could lead to severe challenges in the future.

  • Make Decisions Based on Data

You might have incorporated all the necessary strategies of selecting a partner but fail to use data. This could result in a scenario where you selects a channel partner with poor results in a particular industry. Many channel partners in the industry have been performing well in their area of specialization. However, you only need to work with a company that offers you satisfaction. Detailed data analysis will show you the company that has been performing well in the industry in the past period.

  • Engaging Sales Strategies

Every time you are selecting a channel partner in the area of sales, you need to choose partners who have the requisite knowledge about your products. Nobody knows your products better than you, which means that you have to educate your channel partners so that they can understand your products in fine details. However, your channel partner needs to come up with engaging sales strategies. You don’t want to select a channel partner who does not have any experience or the necessary tools in the sales sector.

Selecting a sales partner is one of the most critical processes that a company has to experience if it wants to expand its sales footprint. There are many channel partners, but a company must select an entity that will provide results within a short period. Therefore, the most critical strategies must be incorporated to help the company choose the best partner. It is the role of the company to support the channel partner for maximum output.

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