If you are like the majority of people in the world then understanding the difference between a refrigerated air unit, a swamp cooler, or even an air conditioner is like being taught a foreign language, and trust me you are not alone in this confusion.

The jargon associated with various industries can be overwhelming, and even more so if you need to hire a serviceman from that particular field of work. So, let’s try to differentiate between them as simply as possible.

This method is when cooled water evaporates and when it does this cold air is blown via a fan unit into the house or area to lower the temperature of the air. You can also take a quick look here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaporative_cooler for the more detailed and in-depth version.

  • Refrigerated unit-

This is also known as central air conditioning. Essentially, coils are filled with condensed and compressed refrigerant and kept extremely cold, when the fan blows over them this cooler, conditioned air is then filtered into the house through the vents and air unit boxes that have been installed.

The latter method is easier to control and maintain and offers a higher level of filtration through re-circulating the home’s air.

So which is better? At the end of the day it boils down to budget and preference, but if you can afford to go that little bit further than investing in the quality system you want it the better option.


Refrigerated Air

Comparing apples with apples

The main objective is having a system installed in the home that will keep you from melting away in the desert summer, not only will you feel refreshed walking into your home and comfortable throughout the day and night, but you don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg.

You ideally want to purchase a system from a business that makes you feel at ease, relaxed when the particulars are being discussed, and not pressured into buying the top-of-the-range model. Be sure that this company has your best interests in mind and that the customer service you receive is of the highest standard, you are buying their products after all, am I right?

To some people, these two may look and sound the same, but the devil is in the details as the old saying goes, and what could be the deciding factor when it comes to choice.

If you had to sit down and think about the pros and cons of each it could help you weigh up your options and see which the better fit is. Swamp coolers are on the more cost-effective end of the scale, easy to install and run during those endless humid summer days. Do take note that if humidity reaches the maximum you may need to open doors and windows in the home.

Refrigerated units (see here to learn more about the refrigeration process) are the most consistent, the temperature stays at a constant irrespective of the humidity rating outside. The air is also more filtered with a significant reduction in dust and pollen circulating and potentially leading to allergies or asthma problems.

Positives of a cooling system in general

If you have an energy-efficient cooling system you will notice a big difference in your monthly bills, it is cheaper and more effective to run and you have control over how hard it works. There are essentially fewer repairs, with a routine check-up once or twice a year depending on the age and model of the unit, and you may not want these check-ups thinking they are a waste of money, but you’d be wrong.

The last thing you want on your plate is having to replace a full-scale unit simply because you didn’t catch a minor deterioration which then grew into an irreparable problem that leads to a replacement. Engineers can pick up small issues and find a quick solution to maintain the longevity of the system and to help it function optimally.

And, a final thought on the topic, that if you enjoy long lie-ins in bed during the summer days but hate being disturbed by whirring fans, then these units are the quiet and silence you have been waiting for. Win-win.

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