For many students, the last day of college means the last of home assignments. At the same time, more and more educators talk about the negative impact of summer vacation on learning. A lot of professors argue that students learn best when the studying process is continuous. The point here is that the long summer vacation ruins the rhythm of studying, leads to forgetting most of the course materials, as well as requires more time needed to review old instructions when you return to the class in autumn. For that reason, many educators tend to assign summer homework to ensure your knowledge is not thrown away.

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So, is summer homework actually beneficial? Let’s take a look at the top advantages that college students get when studying during summer break:

Taking into account the fact that most college students have summer jobs during their vacation, they need to properly balance the studying process and their duties. Having homework to do means boosting your skills needed to manage time wisely.

  • Students boost problem-solving skills

That’s right. Regular summer homework prepares students for the class and the problems that usually pop up with this or that assignment. Plus, you have an excellent opportunity to review and comprehend studied material before the new academic year.

summer homework

  • Home assignments help you learn to set priorities

When you need to choose between your job, homework assignments and family reunion, you need to know how to plan your day and decide which event deserves more attention and effort.

  • College students learn to study independently

Summer assignments help you become more decisive and organized since you have to work independently and make independent decisions. Later in the class, you will be able to handle the toughest assignment on your own while your college mates will have a need to consult an instructor.

  • Students use summer homework to evaluate the level of current knowledge

There’s no better way to see what you’ve learned during the academic year than to practice home assignments in summer. This will help you to detect the knowledge gaps and see what exactly you need to work on to get ready for the new semester.

  • Summer homework connects people

If your mom, dad, brothers or sisters understand the subject, summer home assignments are a great opportunity to spend more time together. The best thing about it is that after some practice, you will have a chance to relax and have fun together.

  • Students learn to be more responsible with every other summer assignment 

Taking responsibility for the summer academic program is the right way to learn to take your own life under control.

  • Home assignments in summer keep your mind fresh over the period of vacations

In other words, when the college restarts you will be ready to go due to the homework you’ve dealt with during the summer break.

While taking homework assignments during summer break may seem quite annoying to you, it is important to keep in mind that college instructors are always taking care of their students’ interests. What is more, the majority of tutors argue that the long summer vacations usually have a negative effect on the learning of students with special educational needs.  Besides, the long break can turn into a real burden for the college and university students, who do not speak English as their first language. Not only might they have to re-learn the materials of the previous year, but also re-acquaint with the English language peculiarities.

If you believe that having some homework to do in summer is nonsense and you will have to choose between going to the cinemas and drafting an essay ALL the time, just don’t. The reality is that once you’re used to the workload, you’ll see how naturally it actually comes and how helpful it is.

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