There is an array of marijuana pipes to suit any style or budget, making the selection process an easy one. Spoon pipes are among the most popular cannabis pipes, featuring an edible bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other for use, but that is not all that is out there.

Spoon Pipe

A spoon pipe is one of the classic hand-held marijuana pipes. Generally, round on one end and long and thin on the other, this makes it easy to hold in your hand and provides ample surface area for smoking cannabis. Most models also include a carb hole on their sides which you can cover or release while puffing to control how much smoke enters through. These sleek pipes are versatile, customizable, and discreet and make smoking cannabis simpler for beginners who may be starting out smoking marijuana for the first time.

Spoon pipes come in all sorts of shapes and colors. materials, glass, ceramic or stone materials come in a range of sizes that make them great for everyday use or stand-out designs that make them even more visually striking. Most come complete with their own carrying case to protect them while on the move – perfect for taking anywhere without worrying that damage may occur to it!

When selecting a spoon pipe, carefully consider its size and color to suit your style. Some models feature screens to block out unwanted material like ash or scoobs from reaching your throat and ruining hits; it is also wise to opt for one with mouthpiece openings that allow regular cleaning with pipe cleaners.

While there are other types of weed pipes, spoon pipes remain some of the easiest and most reliable ways to smoke cannabis. New smokers frequently start off their cannabis journey with this discreet yet portable choice that makes getting started simple.


Chillums are tube-like pipes with indented areas to house herbs. Commonly made out of glass, other materials like wood and even ceramic may also be used, usually glass in this instance, providing flavorful hits from reduced travel distance from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Some users like to wrap a cloth over the mouthpiece as an additional filter during smoking sessions to eliminate bits of herb (commonly known as “scooby snacks”). This method ensures individual cleanliness when sharing one chillum between friends.

Like any pipe, chillums ( will need to be regularly maintained and one effective method for doing so is soaking it in rubbing alcohol for some hours, which effectively combats bacteria while breaking down built up resin deposits. After submersion is complete, rinse your chillum thoroughly under running water to ensure all traces of alcohol have been eliminated completely from its body.

Glass chillums can usually be found at local head shops, although you can also purchase them online. Prices typically range from $20 to $40 for basic pieces, while more elaborate models could cost as much as $200 or more.

Wood chillums may not be as popular, as they tend to be more difficult to use and wear out over time, introducing a woody flavor into your hits over time. You may also come across metal chillums; these tend to be reserved for one-hitter use as they are too bulky.


A steamroller pipe is an innovative dry-hand pipe used for powerful, rapid hits. Unlike traditional pipes, steam rollers contain no water and feature an oversized carb hole at their bottom end, which produces powerful hits with every pull of the trigger. It is not recommended for newcomers due to its intensity, yet it is an ideal choice for experienced smokers looking for instantaneous highs.

Steamrollers are easy to use and come in various colors and designs. Most steamrollers are cylindrical in shape with a mouthpiece on one end and a carb on the other; to use one, pack your bowl with the desired material, cover the “hole” with your finger, inhale deeply through it, and exhale slowly; once full of smoke, simply remove your finger and enjoy.

Some steamrollers feature an innovative helix design, which causes smoke to swirl as it enters your lungs for a smoother hit. They come in various materials such as glass, ceramic, and wood; we even carry artistic ones decorated with various animals like lizards, octopuses, and frogs of various colors and sizes!

Steamrollers can be an invaluable addition to any smoker’s collection, but cleaning them may prove more challenging than with other pipes. A deep clean usually requires isopropyl alcohol, as the longer-used pipes tend to collect oily deposits over time.

Cotton swabs or tissue paper soaked in alcohol may help expedite this process more quickly, or you could scrub your pipe using baking soda or salt, according to this link, followed by rinsing with water for best results – which is especially essential if using wood steamrollers, which will absorb flavour over time from herbs used over time and become saturated with flavor over time.

Spoon Pipe


One hitters are small pipes designed to allow users to take one hit at a time from a narrow bowl size, making them an excellent way to conserve stash and reduce consumption. A one-hitter may also help people manage their tolerance and remain discreet with their smoking habits.

One-hitter pipes come in glass, ceramic, or metal varieties and work much like any other pipe or bong; all you need is a lighter to access ground cannabis, and some are even designed to look like cigarettes for discreet smoking sessions. There is even a one-hitter spoon pipe for the regular user. One-hitters are commonly found in college circles and smoke shops.

To use a one-hitter, pack the small bowl with cannabis and light it. Pack carefully, as overstuffing can restrict airflow and cause harsh hits; once lit, inhale and tap out any ash left behind before inhaling and tapping out. Some straight tube hitters must be packed vertically, while those with side bowls may allow for horizontal packing if using side pipes as intended.

One-hitters are designed to be easily transportable and taken anywhere with you, fitting easily into purses and pockets—perfect for on-the-go smokers and newcomers to smoking alike. As one of their many benefits is providing an effortless smoking experience without strain, one-hitters make great starter pieces for beginners in the crowd.

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