Skybags are a line of stylish traveling bags and backpacks which are mainly developed for the young population. The Skybag brand is committed to ensuring that its customers move with a sense of style owing to its unique and stylish features that complement the personality of every user. This company was the first to engage in the production of printed polycarbonate bags in India which are durable and show a sense of class. There are several features in the Skybags brand which make them suitable school bags for girls and boys, some of these features include;

The company has come up with a waterproof cover which prevents water from entering into the bag like an umbrella of sorts.  Most school bags for teenage girls and boys carry books both text and exercise or laptops which the student use for their school work.  All the same, these contents will be destroyed if a lot of water finds its way into the bag especially if you travel to school and back home using a bicycle during a rainy season. These waterproof covers, therefore, come in handy to protects the contents of the bag and avoid the associated cost for repair and replacement which would otherwise arise.





The Skybags brand is also well known for its durability and its top-notch quality in designs. Each bag passes through a sequence of tests to ascertain the quality of the product before it is cleared for release in the market. Each component, i.e. zippers, straps, bag material, the handles, etc. are checked for their reliability and durability to ensure the best quality standards for the final user. The series of tests simulate conditions which the bags are likely to be subjected to and approve market release once confident that the units can handle the stress for the expected lifetime. This dependability has inspired customer loyalty and confidence in the brand leading to an increase in the sale of school bags for girls online as well as boys.

The bags from Skybags are relatively light and easy to carry. This feature makes them very suitable for small kids who are not yet physically built to handle heavy luggage’s. Students may also have to walk for long distances during school days, and the lighter the bags which they are carrying reduces the likelihood of becoming fatigued at the end of the day.

The latest school bags for girls from Skybags come with several stylish designs to choose from as well as different appealing colors which are trendy and fashionable. These bags also come coupled with air meshes which offer excellent air circulation maintaining a dry and comfortable feeling when carrying the backpack. This air mesh fabric is mostly placed on the shoulder straps of the backpack and the entire part which is in contact with the users back while using the bag.

Skybags also have a sequence of nicely arranged pockets which can be used for several functions. This present the user with the opportunity to carry stuff for use in the classroom as well as his/her sports gear or other tasks without necessarily having to mix them in one area of the backpack. These bags also have a designated laptop compartment which is equipped with well laid out cushions to protect your computer from the physical shock which might damage it.

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