Sewer lines and pipes carry sewage from people’s homes to city sewers and require regular servicing. Lack of frequent maintenance services may result in clogging and other related issues that require sewer repair services. Sewer pipes clogging occur naturally and require the help of experts to unblock them. Homes also need professional plumbers to offer sewer pipe examination services to identify any issues. Most sewers require routine inspection in a span of twice a year or once every three years depending on their condition.

Early inspections and identification of sewer problems can be dealt with by the plumber. Sewer line repairs by the plumber may involve digging along the sewer line and unblocking the pipe from the dug position. This is referred to as the trench method. The sewer line can also require replacement services only offered by qualified plumbers. Sewer replacement is quite expensive and more complex. The process also involves accessing a neighbor’s home and property.

Several things can lead to the clogging of sewer lines. It can be because of elongated tree roots and this can be difficult to repair. Another cause is the gradual building up of disposing of fats and oils that are drained into the pipes line eg sink greasing. It is therefore advisable to use paper towels to clean pans before washing them in the sink to avoid letting oils and fats go down the sewer pipe. Sewer lines however have cleanout places that the plumber uses to remove any clogs. The cleanout is a white pipe with a cover which the plumber opens and cleanses the sewer from the outside.

Homeowners should be able to identify sewer problems by looking at two signs. It may be causing gurgling of toilets or slow draining. These signs indicate that the sewer line may be blocked and require repair services by plumbers. Older homes built earlier had no cleanout places on the sewer line and were made of cast iron and clay. Such materials are easily collapsed, get root intrusions, and deteriorate. For such types of sewer lines inspections were done using cameras.

Sewer Line Repair

Before a sewer line is prepared the following can be done to access its conditions. First, a camera is used to inspect the line for any visible blockages. The plumber then identifies where the pipe connects with the home, where it goes with to the city sewer and lastly where the sewer cleans out is located. The last step before the repair process begins involves locating underground facilities. Different companies have different methods of repair and replacement. Companies dealing with modern sewer systems use trenching methods. Others have continued to use the traditional method of repair.

Trenchless server repairs can be done in two ways. The first method is referred to as trenchless pipe lining which involves soaking the pipe with resin which is allowed to run all through. The resin is allowed to dry up and solidify forming a new pipe passage inside the old pipe passage. This is also referred to as cured-in-place piping. The other trenchless repair method is called trenchless pipe bursting and involves drawing of a pipe with a larger diameter through the older pipe hence breaking it and pushing any clogging materials soil around.

The convectional sewer repair method involved digging up the sewer pipe to expose it before working on it. During the repair process, the pipe should be placed at a certain angle to prevent water, soil, and other materials from blocking the lines again. The house owner can research the repair methods and decide on what method is to be used for the repairs. The duration of the repair services varies depending on how deep the plumber has to dig and what they encounter while digging.

To ensure that the sewer system remains clean and maintained the following can be done.

  • Do not pour grease down the drain.
  • Do not flush wipes.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda for frequent cleaning and removal of odor from the pipes.
  • The use of chemical drain cleaners may damage certain types of sewer lines such as cast iron but is okay for use on PVC pipes.

Sewer maintenance and care are important to prevent sewer line problems. The homeowner should always keep an eye to spot any signs of sewer blockages and report them for repairing services. The qualified plumbers will know what to do from there and can carry out the necessary inspections, locate cleanout areas and use a suitable method to fix the problem.

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