Testosterone levels in men begin to decline after a certain age, especially once you hit 40 and over. The levels of this hormone are not going to be where they belong upon hitting puberty. This is a natural fact, however, you can still maintain the good testosterone levels in your body.

testosterone level

Following are the easiest way using which you can increase your levels of Testosterone.

  • Watch your diet:

Watch your diet

Watching your diet is the first and the foremost thing that you must keep a check on in order to increase your levels of testosterone. Following a good diet plays a key role in a number of ways – apart from making you feel fit and healthy, a good and a wise diet also helps you to boost your T-levels to a great level. The diet plan that you need to follow has been discussed in the below-listed points.

  • Consume carbs:

Carbs are not always considered to be bad for your health. On the contrary, the carbs play a key role in fueling the body. You are only required to be selective about the ways from where you need to get the carbs. Control the intake of fiber in order to maintain your testosterone level while consuming carbs as too much of fiber lowers down the t-levels. The best source of carbs that you must rely on in order to maintain your T-levels is potatoes, yams as well as root vegetables.

  • Protein in right amount:

Just like carbohydrates, the role of proteins is very important for the overall health as well as the well-being of your body and of course your testosterone levels. The intake of protein is very important to maintain a healthy body, however, you must also make sure not to consume a lot of it as the consumption of too much protein may increase the total amount of calories, which apart from increasing the mass would increase the process of fat gain as well. The protein intake that you opt should be balanced.

  • Right kinds of fats:

Fat helps to amp up your levels of testosterone, especially when you are 40 and over. The fats that you must take to serve the purpose should come from saturated as well as monounsaturated fats. Start taking a diet which is rich in olive oil and avocados as a number of studies suggest that such diet will help you in the overall increase of your T-levels. You must also remember to cut out the trans fats at the same time.

  • Intense workout:

Intense workout

Exercise is where the fitness remains maintained and intact. However, this exercise doesn’t include a brisk jog or any other form of workout which is done half-assed. On the contrary, you must prepare yourself for a heavy resistance exercise along with heavy volume as well as low repetitions. You must stick yourself to all kinds of compound exercises which tend to target larger and multiple muscle groups.

  • Enough sleep:


A study has claimed that sleep deprivation causes your testosterone levels to be very low. Sleep deprivation also increases the chances of fatigue which is not considered to be good for the overall health of a person. Thus, in order to make sure that your production of testosterone is optimum, you must take an undisturbed REM sleep. A sudden disruption as to your sleep cycle can increase the levels of cortisol which could lead to stress and various other problems. Also, a lot of testosterone production occurs during the time when you are off to bed.

  • Commitment is important:

Commitment is very important for better results, whatever the goal is. After hitting 40s and beyond, the levels of testosterone naturally begin to dip. But, if you follow all kinds of right lifestyle modifications, you can still keep your T-levels to an above average level. All you need is a great deal of focus and commitment.
This simple regimen of diet, exercise, and enough sleep will make sure that your levels of testosterone and increased and maintained even when you are over 40 years of age. These natural ways have been recommended by a number of testosterone sites.

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