You and your team work hard to provide your patients with the best possible dental services every day. From performing regular check-ups and implementing preventative measures such as fluoride treatment to correcting minor issues before they become major ones – you do it all.  

However, these efforts often go unnoticed by those who need your services the most: potential patients! 

After all, what good is your dental marketing if patients can’t find you? 

Fortunately, Internet marketing isn’t the only way to get in front of potential patients. There are plenty of ways to promote your practice that will drive offline traffic to your website. Here’s how: 

1. Host a Giveaway on Your Site 

One of the simplest ways to drive patients to your website is by hosting a giveaway on your site. There are many websites available to help you host a giveaway. All you need to do is log on to these sites, create an account, select “giveaways,” and follow the steps they provide! 

2. Develop Trustworthy Content 

Once you have a few giveaways under your belt, it’s time to start creating content geared towards helping patients find you. After all, no one will share a blog post about the importance of dental hygiene – right? Wrong! Using SEO tactics to create search engine optimized content about common dental-related topics, you’ll soon see more traffic coming to your site. 

3. Participate in Industry Discussions 

Since you’re already online, it only makes sense to participate in the conversations about your industry. Join subreddits related to dental hygiene and marketing, so you have a place where potential patients are already visiting regularly. You could also visit forums or Facebook groups for more informal discussions about your industry. 

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4. Use Social Media to Find Patients 

We’ve all heard about the power of social media, but what most people don’t realize is that it can also be your most powerful tool for finding potential dental patients! Start by using Yelp’s free business page to list your practice and explain why anyone looking for quality care should choose you. Then, follow Facebook’s lead and buy a promoted post to reach the people who matter most: your potential patients! 

5. Improve Your Local SEO 

Lastly, you’ll want to improve the local search rankings that pop up when people are looking for a dental practice in their neighborhood. Use Google My Business to create a listing of your office with photos and business hours. Then, be sure to follow their guidelines, so your page truly stands out. 

Once you’ve done all this, you’ll start seeing more traffic coming to your website, along with an increase in online reviews and local rankings. Combined with the dental marketing services provided by a good dentist SEO agency, these five steps will help bring potential patients to your front door. 

If you follow the steps outlined, you will see a dramatic increase in patient flow coming to your office. Your team should be prepared for the influx of patients by keeping an updated waiting room and going over all of your policies with new or potential patients as needed. At first, it can be a little overwhelming, but as your patient flow increases, so does the revenue for your practice! You and your team will find that dental SEO marketing is genuinely one of the best ways to grow a successful dental office. 

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