Do you have a loved one living in China? Doesn’t it feel special when your loved one sends you a sweet gesture of love in the form of a gift? No matter how far you live from your loved one who lives in China. Whether it’s an anniversary or an occasion you can send gift to China whenever you want. Sending flowers to Beijing has become more comfortable with the best delivery services.

People often find it hard to send gifts to their loved ones living in China. There was a flood of requests for delivering presents to every city in China. If you are one of them, who got upset due to the unavailability of delivery in China, here is good news for you. This article is a complete guide to deliver flowers, gifts, cakes, chocolates, cards, etc. Another thing that often makes people confused is what to gift to their Chinese friends. Well. It is not that hard if you understand few basic facts.

Finding the Right Gift

Gifts say a lot about the sender, but it feels more precious to the receiver. We always look for things that the other person will love to receive as a gift. Don’t we? If you want to send gifts to China for a Chinese friend, following the Chinese gifting culture will be a good idea. However, it might be difficult for a person who lives outside china to understand the Chinese culture and gift accordingly. If you are an outsider willing to flower delivery beijing or send donations in China, this article will help you. 

  • Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

According to the Chinese gift culture, you can consider a basket containing various food items as a gift. What can be better than gifting someone all healthy and fresh things they can eat? Furthermore, Chinese people love to maintain their fitness, and it’s a vital part of their lives. Therefore, you will hardly find people eating unhealthy food in China. 

Gifts should be something the receiver can use. For example, in a gift basket, you may include fruits, cakes, Plants, yogurt, nuts, cookies, etc. 

  • Mixed Cakes

Mixed Cakes

Cakes are one of the most popular gift items you can gift someone in China. People living in the Chinese culture loves to get cakes as gifts. There are several flavors available in the market. However, it cannot be apparent to decide which flavor to gift someone. It will be a smart move to send them the cake with their favorite flavors in such situations. But what if you don’t know their favorite cake flavor? 

Will you change your mind and gift them something else? Well. You can relax as now you can include various cake flavors in one. Imagine one big cake having different sections and each section with a different taste. The imagination is now available in reality. If you can’t choose one flavor, you can merge several flavors into one cake. The mix and match of the cake will make the person excited to try the cake. They will be happy and impressed to see the creativity in your gifted cake. All the flavors you might think of can come in one cake, whether it’s durian, mango, tiramisu, or chocolate, four delicious flavors in one plate. It will be the best present you can send someone in China.

  • Tiramisu Cake

It is needless to mention how much Chinese people love tiramisu cakes. A tiramisu cake is the measurement of perfection when it comes to cakes. It is neither too sweet nor more petite of it. The sugar balance of three out of five makes it a perfectly sweetened mousse cake. Coffee has the power to boost flavors in anything, and tiramisu cakes are no exception here. On the other hand, the mix of cheese and perfectly whipped cream blends with the sweetness.

Reading about the tiramisu can make anyone drool, then think about getting this beautiful, textured tiramisu cake as a gift? It has the power to blow up someone’s mood and make them feel the happiest. The creamy texture of tiramisu cake is a treat to the tastebuds. 

  • All About Berry Cakes

Berry Cakes

Who doesn’t like berries? Whether it’s blueberry or strawberry, they are not only good in taste but good for health as well. The sweet and sour taste of berries mixed with the creaminess of cake makes it a perfect gift for a friend who is always dear to everyone. So even though both blueberry cake and strawberry cake is a pretty gift option, but you can make your loved one feel happier if you gift them a cake with both the berries.

  • Fruit And Nut Cakes

Fruit And Nut Cakes

Fruit and nut is an unbeatable combo of flavors. On the one hand, you have the flavors of fruit and their sweetness, and on the other hand, you get the crunchiness of nuts. Getting all the crunch, cream, fruit in the first bite can make anyone’s day. 

  • Mango Cake

You can hardly find someone who doesn’t have a soft corner for mango. Mangoes are the king of all fruits, a complete pleasure to the tastebuds. So Mango flavoring mixed with rich whipped cream and big chunks of mango in-between sounds tempting. But do you know what the best part of a mango cake is? The mango chunks on top of the cake make the cake best in look and taste.

  • Red Roses

Red Roses

Red roses portray love and affection towards someone. If you want to gift something precious but straightforward to someone, what can be better than a bouquet of red roses? You can even make a combo with a cake of your choice and red roses to gift someone. As red roses portray your love for them, the cake will portray your care for them. You can now send flowers to Beijing.

  • Gift Box

Apart from flowers and cakes, you can customize a gift box with traditional sweets and send them as gifts in China. 


Chinese gift culture is a beautiful culture to follow. You can send many things as gifts, including cakes, flowers, gift boxes, gift baskets, plants, alcohol, etc. It’s a pleasure to gift your loved one something special. Now you can send anything you want in China with the help of Sammy gifts. For further details, visit the official website.

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