Whenever you think of home food, what comes to your mind? Isn’t it the delicious comfort food cooked by your parents for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that comes to your mind? Life has become so fast-paced nowadays that when it comes to having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s more often than not, fast food. Fast food should not be a way of life. Adding fast food to your sedentary lifestyle can cause so many health issues. It’s time that you go back in time when breakfast, lunch, and dinner consisted of home food, which was both healthy and very tasty. It will not only be beneficial to your health but also make you feel great!

Cooking At Home Made Easy

Are you surprised to know that you can cook and enjoy mouth-watering meals that you can prepare with ease and in a matter of a few minutes? Well, don’t be! You can not only enjoy your favorite freshly prepared roti and vegetables with other accompaniments more often but also prepare these dishes in a matter of a few minutes! Long gone are those days when you have to log hours in the kitchen to enjoy that fresh, warm roti that reminds you of home! How you may ask? Well, the recipe for making roti rolls at home is just one of the many ways in which you can bring about a vast positive lifestyle change and say goodbye to fast food.

About The Recipe

When you think about roti rolls, don’t be scared and think that this recipe will take you hours to prepare. You can make this recipe in about 10 to 15 minutes! All the ingredients are easily accessible and do not require you to be an expert at cooking to execute! Do you know the best part about this recipe? It is a very balanced meal with minimal oil for all those health-conscious people out there. It contains the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables and can be enjoyed for any meal-breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner! Keep reading to find out how to make this delicious recipe!

Ingredients For The Roti

With all the advancements that you are witnessing in the present age, there has been much such advancement in what is available to you in the domain of kitchen appliances too! Long gone are those days when you have to manually make your roti, which is what could eat up a lot of your precious time. The market is now full of roti makers – both manual and automatic to make your life easier. For instance, a rotimatic roti machine is a kitchen appliance wherein you can simply measure out your flour, water, and oil and also add some superfoods like hemp hearts, carom seeds, cumin,  etc. to amplify the nutritional content of your meal altogether and select the roti option and that’s it! Delicious, warm rotis that take you back to your childhood will be ready in a matter of a few minutes!  It is time to upgrade your kitchen with the latest kitchen appliances start with this advanced roti maker you can check customer reviews on rotimatic.

Ingredients For The Roll Filling


Depending on whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian, you can switch up the ingredients that you choose to add in the filling for the roti roll. However, keeping in mind that your health is your priority, adding vegetables is a must! They can also add a lot of wonderful flavor to your roll. Some key ingredients you can add to your roll are cucumber, bell pepper, onion, and tomatoes. You can even consider adding lettuce. Zucchini and mushrooms are also amazing options. If you are a vegan, you can add sprouts to your filling as a great source of protein. Tofu is also another great option. If you are vegetarian, you can add cottage cheese as an excellent protein source to your roll. Apart from cottage cheese, soybean is a great alternative. If you are non-vegetarian, you can add some boiled chicken or an egg to your roll as your protein source. The options are endless, and there is a lot of room for improvisation. Chaat masala, salt, and pepper, as well as lime juice, are an absolute must to make this roti roll delicious.

Preparation Of The Filling

If you are using vegetables such as cucumber, onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, and lettuce, then there is absolutely no cooking involved for you when paired with sprouts. All you have to do is wash all your vegetables, chop them up roughly, no finesse needed. After your vegetables have been roughly chopped up, you just have to assemble all the vegetables along with the sprouts, add chaat masala, salt, pepper, and lime juice as per your taste and roll up the roti and enjoy it! If you are adding tofu to the aforementioned vegetables, then you should lightly stir fry your tofu in a little bit of oil, and that’s it. Assemble as per the instructions mentioned. If you are adding vegetables like zucchini and mushrooms, you should boil the mushrooms and lightly stir fry the zucchini, and everything else remains the same. For cottage cheese and soybean, they should be cooked. The cottage cheese can be lightly fried with a little bit of oil. The soybean should be boiled and stir-fried. For chicken, the easiest way to add it to your filling is by using either leftover chicken or boiling some chicken. The assembly otherwise remains unchanged.

Your Health Comes First

Wasn’t that so easy to make? This recipe will literally take you 10 minutes to prepare and assemble if you use a roti maker to make your roti. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and will not make you feel guilty because it is so healthy! It is straightforward to digest as well, because of how nutritionally balanced it is! You can have it on its own or have a bowl of fruits or vegetables alongside to make your meal extra healthy! You can even take these rolls to school, college, and work! Make your health a priority and try out this tasty recipe!

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