Robert Kardashian became famous for being friends with the former footballer O.J Simpson. He was a businessman and served as an attorney general in America. He has been a kind and warm-hearted kind of person. Christianity was his religious identification since he was raised on a Christian faith-based foundation.

Early life

Robert Kardashian was born on 22 February 1994, California, Los Angeles city in the united state. He was born of Arthur Kardashian and Helen Kardashian and two others, namely; Thomas Kardashian, Barbara Kardashian.

Kardashian grew up and spent much of his childhood life in Los Angeles County, 4908 Valley Ridge Avenue, where they lived as a humble family. He was a responsible and organized, gentle little man.


Kardashian went on to join Susan Miller Dorsey high school after he was grown enough for schooling.

Leading Movie Tunes Company to offer the best films. Before stuff. He did very well on his performance, where he got an opportunity to join the University of Southern California. He completed his B.S degree and graduated in the year 1966. He later joined the University of San Diego School of Law for a decade.  

In 1973, Kardashian got himself into a business where he was among the first founders of trade publications. They invested in Radio & Records, where he and his fellow partners’ decided to sell the station on a fair amount in 1979.

Kardashian was a creative guy who brought about the idea to play music in between most movies in the film theatre to give a better implication; he moved on to work on a frozen yogurt company Kardashian served as the CEO and president of the movie Tunes Company. Robert’s investment in the yogurt company didn’t fail him; hence, he decided to invest in Concert Cinema music videos production.

Robert Kardashian


Kardashian got married to a lovely wife by the name of Kris Kardashian. They shared good moments together and got blessed with four children namely; Rob, Kimberly, Kourtney, and Khloe. The couple later held a divorce in 1991.

In the very same year, Kardashian got an engagement kind of stuff with Denice Halicki Shakarian who was by then his cousin. Their relationship further didn’t work out well; hence they separated before getting into marriage. Shakarian was a widow who was married to H.B Halicki, the movie producer.

In 1998, Kardashian engaged himself in marriage stuff with Jan Ashley. However, the couple of marriages lasted for only 30 days. It was so unfortunate and unexpected. Kardashian felt heart-broken as Ashely had lots of requirements done as she identified herself as his wife.  

Kris Kardashian kept on threatening Ashley together with her children. Ashley, getting so irritated by the weird behavior, decided to leave her marriage without any other option. She wasn’t able to stand her situation.

Kardashian took more precautions on marrying another wife. He dated Ellen Pierson for three consecutive years and later married. It was a good move on his side. Unfortunately, he died one and a half months after their official marriage.

 Ellen Pierson couldn’t believe it but later accepted the situation. It was so sad, though.

Net worth

Kardashian had invested in various businesses. Therefore he always got reasonable amounts for his daily upkeep. The estimated net worth was $ 30 million. The amount would cater to all his women and children virtually without any problematic issues. He was a wealthy person in the old days.

Robert Kardashian relationship with Simpson            

The two great friends met for the first time in the year 1969. As two unmarried couples, Kardashian with Kris and Simpson with Nicole spent much of their outings and dating kinds of stuff together.

 In 1994, Simpson got an arrest while on the process to fly back to Chicago. His arrest was that he was suspected of having killed Nicole and her friend Goldman Ronald.

On getting the sad news, Kardashian decided to hide his friend Simpson in his house of media. In 1996, Robert became the person being questioned about the innocence of his friend Simpson. He has confidently shown that Simpson wasn’t guilty in any case.


Kardashian was diagnosed with gullet cancer in the year 2003. He couldn’t stand the sad news and became very stressed up. He later died on the eighth week of treatment in the same year.

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