If you have pets at home, then the BObsweep PetHair cleaner is the robotic cleaner you should buy. Unlike other robot vacuums, it not only picks up tiny dirt and dust particles well, but it also effectively removes all the animal fur and hairs on the floor. And to top it off, it even U.V sterilizes the floor as it cleans.

This is not only the master of pet hair vacuum cleaners but it also mops the floor and purifies the air for you. You don’t even have a problem cleaning your home with pets around because most pets are not scared of it. Instead, they love chasing and even riding on the vacuum around the house.


pet Hair Cleaner

You can choose between scarlet or silver-colored Bobi Pet measuring 12 x 12 x 3.5 inches it has a shiny, smooth and so reflective surface that easily gets smudged. Its low profile helps it conveniently reach and clean under couches and beds. However, as it’s framework doesn’t have a handle, you have to lift the unit around.

There’s a front wheel, two side wheels, a duster, main roller brush, spinning side brushes for edge cleaning and UV light on its underside. This light sterilizes floors with as much as 400NM of power to eliminate all the harmful bacteria and microbes your pets may have brought home.

There’s also a removable 1-liter bin, the biggest amongst robot cleaners and an additional mop accessory on the back which is used after spraying with water or cleaning solution.

The floor robot also has a cleanable HEPA filter that absorbs 99% of dust, dirt, and mold in the air to keep your home free of allergies. This keeps the air clean, which is important for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

The floor cleaning robot has sensors on its side and bottom that detect dust and other sensors on the edge to prevent it from falling off stairs. There’s also a wall detector and an On/Off switch on the robotic cleaner’s side.


pet machine design

There are no complicated LCD panels. Instead, there are three embedded buttons towards the top of the case- Go, Juice and Waffle. While go starts the vacuum, Juice makes it return to the charging base and Waffle instructs the robot vacuum clean spots.

While there aren’t any advanced settings, it’s the disc-shaped remote control that controls the robotic vacuum. The remote deactivates or activates the UV light, schedules cleaning programs and sets its speed. There’s no Smartphone app on the remote, but an LCD showing the daytime and 1-7 number for the day of the week.

Power source

The BObsweep PetHair cleaner needs four hours to charge its Lithium X-AMPlified battery after which it runs for about 90 minutes. However, you need to use their provided screwdriver to remove the robotic vacuum’s battery cover and manually insert and connect the battery to some wires. This is a lapse in their design because most of the other auto vacuum cleaners require no manual installation.

The BObsweep gets charged either by directly plugging it into the power adapter or by attaching the adapter to the charging base. While it automatically returns to its charging base when it runs low on below 15% of power, it can be sent to the base for charging by manually pressing its Juice button. The robot vacuum resumes with the cleaning once the batteries get charged. The remote control runs on two AAA batteries, which are not included with the robot vacuum.

Thorough cleaning

Thanks to the robotic vacuum’s low profile it easily complements different flooring surfaces’ levels so that you can continuously clean across different flooring surfaces.



  • Effectively removes pet hairs and tiny dirt, dust, and debris
  • Easily reaches under beds, sofa, and other low furniture
  • Excellent customer service
  • Low maintenance record
  • UV light sterilization of floors it cleans
  • Perfect for pet owners and people with allergies or asthma
  • 2-year warranty for Li-ion battery


  • Navigation sensors may not always navigate the robot cleaner to its docking base
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity or smart app feature, so it cannot be remotely controlled
  • Needs manual programming to schedule cleaning
  • Emits annoying beeps upon encountering mats on the floor
  • The remote control may be confusing to use
  • Cleans in erratic lines and not parallel lines
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