To turn your part-time job into a full-time position, you often must play the long game and think big picture, explains employment agencies in California. For example, simply saying to your boss, “I could be doing so much more work to help the company,” is likely to be ineffective by itself.

part-time position into a full-time position

Identify your company’s needs

One significant step is to pinpoint your company’s needs and how they align with your skills. Listen to what your co-workers and supervisors say in all sorts of settings such as emails, meetings, and casual chats. What do they complain about? What do they wish they had?

Help with these pain points

Say that your co-workers frequently bemoan the fact that project instructions are unclear and overly wordy. Perhaps you could develop a checklist to help with conciseness and clarity, and use that success as one example to back up your assertions later that you are worthy of a full-time position.

Go above and beyond

Intangibles such as putting in 110 percent instead of 100 percent and pitching in with anything when needed and without being prompted to can also bolster your case. Self-start, and contribute meaningfully in projects and discussions.

Understand your limitations, and see what others have done

Just as importantly, it is good to understand your limitations. For instance, if your company has only a few full-time positions and most jobs are part-time, you know from the beginning that you may have a rough road ahead. You need to know what jobs these full-timers do and how they got them. It is also a good idea to understand the reasons behind the company having part-time jobs. Is it to avoid paying benefits, for example?

Armed with this understanding, you can begin to shape a case for how your skills would make the company more profit than the money it saves on benefits and the like by keeping you part-time.

However, it could be that the company agrees with everything you have to say and simply does not have the financial resources to turn your job into a full-time one. If you want expanded opportunities, get in touch with Beacon Resources, a staffing company in Orange County.

If you are looking for a full-time work then it is necessary to plan well and go ahead in a systematic manner in order to move ahead in the right manner. Going from part time to full time is not so easy and thus it needs proper planning. You can learn online what strategy to make and how to go ahead so that you can achieve your goal.

Seeking for a job is really getting hard these days and if it is a full time then it becomes more critical. Asking your boss from upgrading you from part time to full time needs lots of courage and at the same time planning how to ask for it. If you are not up to the mark on it then it will surely have a bad impact and you will not be able to achieve it

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