There are millions of people who suffer from overweight and obesity problems. It leads to a number of health challenges including some chronic forms of blood sugar, increased levels of blood pressure and a host of other problems. It exposes them to a higher risk of cardiovascular problems, strokes and damage to various vital organs like kidney and liver. Therefore it is important to prevent fat from building up in various parts of the body. Apart from exercises and reduced food intake, there are other ways and means by which this problem can be addressed. Over the past many years, there is something known as HCG diet or HCG diet drops which is becoming highly popular because of some obvious benefits and advantages. We will try and have a look at the various plus points and also look at some shortcomings as far as this form of dieting and drops are concerned. It certainly will be helpful in finding out the reasons to go in for such weight reduction avenues and also identify the pitfalls and challenges associated with it.

Hormone Drops

How Does This Work

When you are choosing an HCG diet or HCG drops you are basically using certain hormones to manage your weight. The HCG drops and diets typically make use of the HCG hormone which is produced by a woman during their pregnancy. It is manufactured by the pituitary glands and the body uses this hormone to protect the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy. In case of weight management, this hormone specialist is considered effective because it helps to re-distribute accumulated fats to various other parts of the body. However, the HCG diet drops should be accompanied by a strict diet and normally the calorie intake should not exceed 500 to 800 calories. Hence, it certainly has some positives and negatives to it.

Advantages Of These Drops

The biggest and most obvious advantage of these drops is that it suppresses appetite. In fact, in the USA it is an FDA approved method and many people use it to suppress appetite artificially. However, it is important to complement these drops with a well thought out HCG diet and this can easily be done. It also has other advantages like protecting the body from muscle loss and helping in re-balancing the various hormones. When a person is on diet there is a risk of muscle and tissue loss and this is protected when he or she is put on HCG diet drops. However, this would call for choosing quality hormone drops as the option.

Disadvantages Of This Approach

Though FDA does not prevent the sale of this HCG diet drops it also has issued some health-related warnings when this is used indiscriminately. Further, it is important to restrict dietary intake for the drops to work and this is often ignored by many users. However, once you are back to your normal diet it is quite possible that you will go back to your good old days of obesity and overweighing body. Finally, there are some nasty side effects such as fatigue, headaches, enlargement of breasts and other such things which must be factored.   

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