Web Design Trends To Watch In 2018


Web designers know that modern consumers want the most relevant content delivered in a convenient, easily digestible format. Providing that experience considering the plethora of devices available for web browsing on the market is a constantly evolving challenge, so it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest web design trends. Web designers must create engaging visuals that delivers content in meaningful ways while remaining relevant and reliable to a wide variety of consumers.

Designing For A Diverse Device Market

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The biggest challenge facing web designers today is the sheer volume of mobile devices with internet capability. Before the smartphone, web design was relatively straightforward as there was much less variation in available displays for web browsing. Now that the majority of Americans are doing the bulk of their internet business on mobile devices, designing functional web design for the small, mobile screen is essential. Modern customers simply won’t bother with clunky, dysfunctional, or unreadable websites when competitors have easy-to-use mobile webpages.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

One of the most popular trends in recent years is the concept of “responsive web design.” This concept involves how to design a website that responds to the viewer’s device for the best user experience. For example, a website may load in a visually appealing format on a desktop display, but browsing on a mobile device causes the page content to crowd, making it difficult to read and even more difficult to navigate. Responsive design would recognize the user is on a smaller screen and reconfigure the web page content into a more readable, easily navigable format.

Responsive design is an essential concept for designers of all industries to master. So much modern business happens online that virtually every business-to-consumer organization has some kind of ecommerce platform. Even business-to-business organizations benefit from responsive design when it comes to issuing official communications and content.

Bolder Color Choices

Bolder Color Choices

As devices and displays have grown more diverse, mobile, and powerful, they have also grown in clarity and resolution. Modern smartphones can deliver high-definition resolution, and professional website development demands stunning visuals. Bold color choices are especially effective on smaller, sharper screens where visual design elements like depth and contrast can truly shine.

Inventive Typography

Typography is a crucial element of any type of visual design, but it is especially important for web page design. Mobile browsers need to be able to read the content on your website, and your typography choices not only improve readability, but make a stunning visual statement as well. Typography cutouts with bold colors and moving photography showing through the gaps are a popular choice that works for a variety of businesses. These visuals are immediately engaging and help keep website visitors on the page longer.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Modern brands need to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. There is simply too much competition in every industry to allow valuable customers to slip away, and storytelling is a fantastic method of drawing and capturing consumers’ attention. Most companies now collect data from their customers concerning their purchasing habits, interests, and lifestyle to provide the most relevant content. Data-driven storytelling essentially guides a customer through a journey with the brand, from initial exposure to purchase to repeat purchases and loyalty. High-quality web design in today’s market demands an understanding of visual storytelling.

Ecommerce Is Center Stage

Website marketing is a staple of the modern digital economy, and a good ecommerce web designer needs to know how to capture customers’ attention and guide them toward completing purchases. An ecommerce platform must be easy to navigate, and there shouldn’t be any doubts for the customer concerning your brand’s authenticity. If a mobile ecommerce site malfunctions during the checkout process, this can understandably erode a customer’s faith in the site’s security and the brand’s reliability.

Integrated Animations

Humans are visual creatures, and quick visual animations are a fantastic method for conveying complex ideas very quickly. Simple animations are relatively easy to program and open the door for any web design company to get creative with their options. It’s important to recognize the difference between charming, unobtrusive animations and distracting, clunky animations that degrade the user experience.

UX-Focused Design

User experience, or UX, refers to the overall quality of a user’s interaction with a website. While responsive design can help web designers create pages that function well on small touchscreens, it’s also important for the bones of the website to perform as intended for a variety of devices. UX-focused design hinges on cutting out unnecessary waste and making user navigation intuitive and fluid.

Finding The Right Designer

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A high-quality web design company should not only provide a functional website, but a beautiful and easily navigable one as well. Eminent SEO provides a variety of web design services to help any business stand out in a highly competitive and fast-paced market. Eminent SEO provides custom web design and development, ecommerce design, digital marketing planning, marketing strategy development, and much more.

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