Essential Pet Health Tips for Any Responsible Dog Owner



A dog quickly becomes part of the family, and dog owners want to do everything they can to care for their furry family members. Veterinary medicine is an essential part of any pet care routine, and it’s vital for dog owners to know how a compounding pharmacy can help with a variety of dog ownership issues. Instead of contending with the lack of selection and other frustrations that often accompany typical neighborhood pharmacies, dog owners should explore what a veterinary compounding pharmacy can offer.

Keeping Tabs On Your Dog’s Health

A high-quality diet, proper hygiene, dental care, supervision, and regular checkups are all crucial components of healthy dog ownership. Ask your vet about any sudden changes in pet health or any appearance of negative symptoms like scratching, vomiting, lethargy, or whining. These could be examples of your dog trying to tell you that something is wrong, but it’s up to the owner to keep track of these things and address them quickly when they happen.

Extending Your Pet’s Life

There are several things you can do to extend the lifespan of your pet. Cats can live more than 20 years with the right diet and care, and many breeds of dog can live 12 years or more. Larger pets generally have shorter lifespans, but you can boost their longevity with a few best practices. The first thing you should do is make sure your pet cannot roam unsupervised. A free-roaming pet is more likely to suffer injury or death from an accident such as an oncoming car, another animal, or a sudden fall. While it may be more difficult for some pets than others, it’s vital for owners to establish boundaries and supervision for their pets.

Hygiene Products


Hygiene also plays a crucial role in your dog’s longevity and quality of life. A dirty pup is more vulnerable to infections and other health complications. Parasites like worms, ticks, and fleas are less likely to cause problems for a well-groomed, clean dog. As dirt and debris accumulate in a dog’s fur, it not only makes the dog more vulnerable to sickness but can actually cause discomfort when moving in certain ways. Dogs may also scratch and bite violently at irritated patches of skin.

Brushing fur regularly will help remove dander and shed fur to minimize your pet’s discomfort. Some dogs will require pet medicine to address some skin and fur issues like dandruff, eczema, and dry skin. Compounded pet medications can help address your dog’s health concerns without irritating any preexisting conditions or sensitivities.

Common Issues For Dog Owners

One of the hardest tasks facing dog owners is giving sick dogs their pet medications. While many dog owners can successfully sneak a pet Rx into a piece of cheese or a dog treat, others may have difficulty with this method. If you have concerns about the type of medication you receive for your dog’s medical issue, a compounding pharmacy may be able to help.

Compounding pharmacies can reformulate your prescription veterinary medications to make them easier to give to your dog. A compounding pharmacy can make edible medications taste better, or provide a topical cream in lieu of an oral medication for a dog that has trouble swallowing.

How Compounding Medications Can Help


Compounded medications allow pet owners to completely customize their dogs’ medications. This not only includes the medications themselves, but also delivery, refills, and prescription changes. While a typical pet pharmacy may only provide brand-name and generic versions of most medications, a compounding pharmacy can help locate specific formulations that are no longer available from standard pharmacy counters.

Work with a veterinary compounding pharmacy to find the best medications, hygiene products, and other pet medicine your pup needs. Your compounding pharmacist will work with you to find the best options for your dog and set up a delivery and refill schedule that works best for your schedule. Instead of driving to and from the pharmacy for every refill, you can have compounded pet prescriptions delivered directly to your door.

Medication Dosage Sizes

Vets may prescribe a particular medication to both cats and dogs. Different pets of different species and sizes require different amounts of these medications. For example, one pill of a particular prescription may be too much for a small dog like a Chihuahua, but a larger breed like a Great Dane may need to take four whole pills to receive a proper dose. Attempting to get any dog to eat four pills at a time is a challenge, and a compounding pharmacy can craft a medication that’s easier for both pet and owner. The compounding pharmacy can also account for your pet’s unique sensitivities and remove any of the additive chemicals found in standard versions of a prescription.

Finding The Right Pharmacy For You And Your Dog

Pet owners need peace of mind that they have a reliable vet and a veterinary pharmacist to provide medical support to their animals. The Compounding Pharmacy of America provides a variety of custom-compounded medications to customers all over the country, including veterinary medicine. Keep these tips in mind and see how the Compounding Pharmacy of America can help with your pet’s medical needs.


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