It’s Pisces day. We will be covering all about the Pisces, the Pisces traits, the Pisces characteristics, the Pisces mindset, and just simply each and everything about them so let’s get started


The Pisces sign is represented by the symbol exhibiting two fish undergoing opposite motion. Those born in between 19 February to 20 march fall under this zodiac sign. Pisces is the “12” or the last zodiac sign ruled by the Neptune and Jupiter.

All zodiac signs are divided into four groups i-e the water elements, the fire Element, the air element and the earth element and each one poses their own set of common traits and the zodiac signs falling under each element poses some of the same traits or characteristics.

Pisces fall under the water elements like other zodiac signs as cancer and Scorpio. Since these signs fall under the same element, they may share many traits and hence can better understand each other.

Let’s first analyze some of the common traits of water element so that we can better understand the Pisces traits.

Water Element traits

All the zodiac signs falling under the same element share some common traits. Let’s have a look at some of the common traits exhibited by signs falling under the elements water.

  • Caring

The three zodiac signs ( Pisces, Scorpio, cancer ) falling under the water elements are extremely caring. This trait distinguishes them from the other three element’s signs which are a bit more goal driven. Water element’s signs are very caring in general thus making them best listeners which means whenever you’re in trouble, they can really listen to your all problems and hence would work their ass off to do some thing for the people they love the most.

  • Selfless

This is one of the most common trait of zodiac signs falling under the water element. They would sacrifice anything for the people they care about from the bottom of their heart. No matter what it is; either it be wealth, fame, their empire or their love, they would sacrifice it for the people they really care about.

  • Emotional

These peeps are the most emotional peeps among all the other elements. Love is essential for their survival, they can live happily as long as they have something they love. Due to this emotional nature they get attached to people deeply, forgive their mistakes and sometimes can get hurt in the end because they can not get the same amount of love from other signs as much they offer them.

  • Delicate

These watery peeps are a bit delicate in a sense that they are emotionally very weak. Even a little harsh word is enough to keep them lie down and cry. They don’t easily forget the harsh words or taunts. As they have a pure heart, they never try to hurt others because they know how it feels to get hurt hence making them only getting hurt again and again and not hurting anyone.

  • Nothing Harsh

Even if they are treated harshly, they wont treat other harshly most of the time. Signs under water element have a forgiving nature thus they try to make everyone happy even the ones who hurt them.

  • Gifted

Water elements offer some gifts to the signs falling under this element. The gift of analyzing the situation and person deeply. Thus even a careful glance from these signs is enough to decode the the secret you are hiding in your heart thus they can see clearly the reason behind someone’s intentions.

  • Creative

Because they live in their own careful, lovely and no harsh world, they are very creative in nature. This trait is commonly seen in all the signs falling under the water element.

  • Peace of Mind

These watery peeps prefer peace of mind over everything. They can spend hours and hours even just sitting on the grass enjoying the nature. For these signs peace of mind is the must and they would do whatever they feel would help them achieve peace of mind. They can spend a lot of time and money for peace of mind.

  • Life Goal

As compared to the signs of other three elements, water elements’s peeps don’t have big wealthy type goals. To put it simply, they are “ Live, Love, Laugh” type people who can stay contended with what they have if they have what they love the most.

  • Spiritual

All the signs of water element have some kind of spiritual nature to them. They are connected to the hidden or the mysterious world of spirituality very deeply. Thus they can sense what is about to happen and can easily get to the soul of some other person just by a careful glance. Their energy is controlled by the nature. When they get to the places where nature dominates like tourists spots, they get instant rush of energy.

  • Pure

Watery peeps have a crystal clear pure heart. The heart that cares for everyone and everything. Due to the pure heart, they can honestly helps other even when it comes to helping strangers. However, one must realize there are some people in this world who are evil and these people are the worst enemy of water element.

  • Revenge

Does all that soft nature means that one could simply use these watery peeps and can get away easily? Nah. Their revenge game is horrible, perhaps it’s beyond the limits. It’s scary. Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are the signs which commit most of the murders around the globe. Many serial killer, psychopaths, sociopaths are water elements’signs. Their revenge can range from forgiveness to a real horrible murder.

No it’s time to see each and every aspect of Pisces’s life.

pisces diary

Pisces Traits

Pisces is one of the signs that represents the whole water element. What are Pisces traits?, let’s see the whole damn list.

  • Sensitivity

Most people distinguish Pisces as the most sensitive freaks. A Pisces can easily get hurt even from the things which are not even meant to hurt them. They give their all to each and everyone and when they get a harsh reply in return, it really hurt them since they feel a lot of things even if they show that they don’t. Since these peeps are higly sensitive, one should be a little bit careful while dealing with them.

  • Love

Pisces tend to love more than any one else and expect love more than anyone else. Their love life is more like a fantasy thus always leaving them wishing for more. They always look for their soulmates and even when they get their soulmates they won’t fully feel contended.

  • Care

Pisces care a lot for almost everyone. Their good intention to just do something for the people they care about intrigues them a lot and thus compels them to take some wonderful steps. Once a Pisces starts to care about you, you are never alone in any matter of life. You can talk to them about each and everything and they listen to your problem and would work day in day out to make you feel better.

  • Joy

Pisces joys a lot. It doesn’t matter whether they are alone or with the people they really care about, they enjoy in both the cases. They wont be the cringe peeps in an adventurous trip but perhaps they would be silent, sitting by the window and lost peeps in an adventurous trip. Mentally they are always in their wild fantasies where they forget the harsh realities and really live.

  • Illusions

Life doesn’t go happy all the way. It’s complicated, hard and harsh. There are a lot of harsh realities out there. These things are hard for Pisces to admit. So they create their own world with their own reality as illusion. So its no wonder that a Pisces sitting alone can spend hours and hours still enjoying because mentally they are in their own world shaped by their own beliefs which they consider reality.

  • Angels

Pisces is the only sign that deserve this title. They are literally angels until something hits them to the core and then they become the devil. Pisces are the most generous and heart-full people out there but once they get pissed of they become the most heartless person you have ever seen.

  • Child-like Nature 

No matter how much old a Pisces is, he would act a little bit childish. Since children are the only category with the pure heart who really live the life so do these Pisces really life by escaping away from these harsh realities by acting kid like. They enjoy the little things thus making them childish at times.

  • Romantic

Pisces is one of the most romantic sign because of its wildly romantic fantasies. These are the peeps who make love a feeling to live in. When it comes to romance, it’s hard to beat a Pisces in this respective regard.

  • Sexually Active

Pisces are fun on the bed. They can fulfill the wildest expectations of their partners as well as themselves. When it comes to making love, nothing beats the Pisces. Since Pisces have some wild imaginations about love so it’s really important that they are with there soulmate so that they both can live their love life.

  • Pure Souls

Being pure soul is one of the most common Pisces trait. They are known as angels for a reason and that is that they do come with a pure soul. Some people are real evil or perhaps they are born evil. However, Pisces are born angels and hence poses spiritual abilities such as analyzing, predicting and healing.

  • Always Stressed

The symbol of Pisces shows two fish moving in opposite direction which depicts the Pisces trait of always stressed. One fish represents this worldly or materialistic life and the other one represents the spiritual life. As they are represented by the opposite motion, it shows they are always stressed about on what to focus most ; this worldly life or the spiritual life.

  • Spiritual

Many experts believe Pisces are they key to unlock the spiritual world. Their close link with the spiritual world makes them stand out from the crowd. They can easily analyze a person just by a glance. They can heal a person with the ki energy without knowing. When it comes to the world of spiritualism and Ki energy, Pisces are the ones who know how to do it.

  • Loyal

Since Pisces tend to go for the soulmate and not flirting off, they tend to be loyal. Pisces don’t get involved in just any relationship, either they wait for the perfect circumstances or they make the perfect circumstances for their soulmates. Once they find their soulmate, it’s done. They ain’t letting it go the way it’s going.

  • Explore Hidden

This Pisces trait is what distinguish them from other signs. While other signs may want to explore and better the thing which belongs to this world and are well known for everyone, Pisces aims to find about the things which are mysterious and are not in the reach of humanity. Like looking at the sky would intrigue a Pisces that what lies there, what’s on that star?, how it got there?, how can such amount matter exist? Things like that which normal people literally give no damn f***s.

  • Peace

What’s the definition of a good day for a Pisces? Well it’s peace. If the day was peaceful for everyone and nothing bad happened that day then it was a real good day for Pisces. Since Pisces care a lot about humanity so even a little bad incident with anyone can make them sad.

  • Blessed

Pisces are blessed with some spiritual talent and creativity. The ability to think against the common ways to do a thing. Instead of following the same old tiring path they prefer to make their own path to achieve things. Being blessed with creativity and spirituality is one of the coolest Pisces trait.

  • Creativity

Pisces is one of the most creative zodiac sign out there. Most of the Pisces peoples are often seen painting which shows their creativity. However, they might not always use their creativity for making money since they don’t care too much money.

  • Enjoy Nature

These freaks can enjoy nature either all by themselves or with the people they really care about. Their energy is directly proportional to the natures energy In fact these freaks rely on the nature’s energy. If it’s a good place where nature dominates like a park, it turns them on. The more a place is richer in nature, the more a Pisces is going to be energetic there.

  • Day dream

This Pisces trait deserves an Oscar. The ability of Pisces to day dream a lot is absolutely stunning. All the Pisces would agree to this that they all day dream a lot, no wonder they are absent minded most of the times. Even on a trip, the Pisces would cover the window seat, would plug their earphones in and would just start day dreaming about their fantasies which are impossible to be completed in this world and that’s why they live their fantasies in their own world.

  • Psycho

An extremely hurt or a damaged Pisces is most likely to become a psycho. In fact, this sign when pissed off beyond the limits, it becomes limitless. On that point nothing hurts, nothing makes them happy and nothing matter. It’s just about the survival.

  • Immature Sometimes

Due the Pisces traits of day dreaming, they might act immature. It’s because of a deep feeling that cringes them all. If they open their eyes and act mature in some circumstances incorporating a harsh reality then they know they would get hurt so they just ignore it and act immature and live the moment.

  • Run away from reality

Pisces can’t withstand harsh realities so they just run away from it.They want the world to be perfectly caring and generous but the sad truth is that the world ain’t that way so they just simply run from the harsh realities of life.

  • Confused

This Pisces trait is because of the fact that Pisces are blessed with some spirituality. While other people just go for the visible or worldly matter, Pisces can feel other hidden things so that confuses them a lot. They can feel the things other people don’t feel.

  • Mysterious

This Pisces trait needs to be highlighted and people need to understand this. A Pisces loves mysteries and sometimes becomes a mystery itself. Many Pisces just go to far off places without any means of communications and feel at home when they are away from any human interactions. Sometimes a Pisces needs to go to a real far off place without any human interaction and enjoy the nature alone.

  • Weird

Weird in front of their best friends is a common Pisces trait. Once a Pisces is best friends with someone, they would just act the way they do, no artificial acting and naturally Pisces are weird.

  • Less social

Pisces are less social than most of the zodiac signs. Sometimes they would just need some real space without any human interaction. They believe in small but lovely circle. They would have very few friends but they would be willing to do almost anything for them.

  • Don’t adapt trending

As Pisces don’t care too much about this world, so why would they care too much about trending. They like what they like no matter if it’s old or about to come. They just simply don’t like the idea of following someone every other day. However, they might be a bit trendy but not too much. Due to their simpler and friendly nature they can lack arrogant look and style.

  • Feel comfortable with themselves

Pisces are the best friends of themselves. Leave them alone somewhere and they would just somehow find a way to reach their dream world and would day dream a lot which keeps them away from bore-doom.

  • Carrier priorities

As compared to the highly goal and success driven signs like Taurus, The Pisces trait in this regard is different. Pisces don’t prefer lots of money. They want somewhat money to live the life. They prefer living life out instead of working overtime to earn some more bucks.

Now as some of the Pisces traits are done with it’s time to look at the likes and dislikes of Pisces.

Pisces Likes

-) Pisces likes to be loved as much as they do love others.

-) Since Pisces are great listeners, they find it very heart breaking when there is no one to listen to their problems.

-) As Pisces poses a pure heart, they expect others to be pure.

-) Pisces want a peaceful life.

-) Pisces don’t like to neither experience and nor expose someone for harsh realities of life.

-) Pisces want their partners to appreciate them.

-) Pisces feel good when they are alone.

-) Far off places from the city attracts Pisces.

-) Pisces like plain and simple life.

-) Pisces like a decent amount of earning with which they can fulfill their needs.

-) They like to express their creativity.

-) They like to talk about the hidden or unusual.

-) Pisces intends to unfold all the hidden mysteries of the universe.

-) Pisces look forward to the conversations in which the get absorbed in, the one which triggers their interest.

-) Pisces literally like to help other people.

-) Pisces like when they talk about the life.

-) They like to be discussed as mysterious.

-) Once they are with their squad, there is no shame or artificial behavior. Just pure chilling out.

-) They like to day dream a lot.

-) Pisces want a permanent relationship lasting eternity.

-) Pisces really like it when they run out of harsh or problematic situation.

-) Pisces like to talk about spirituality.

-) Pisces like to deeply analyze the people they care about.

-) Pisces like appreciation.

-) Pisces like when they get attention.

Pisces dislikes

-) They hate to be treated harshly.

-) Pisces don’t like the idea of bullying others.

-) Pisces don’t use harsh language.

-) They altogether dislike the idea of such harshness in this world.

-) They generally dislike the people who don’t believe in spirituality.

-) They even dislike their sensitive nature.

-) Pisces generally dislike the peeps with no specific aims in life.

-) Pisces don’t like when they don’t get enough notified.

-) Pisces hates it when they don’t get enough appreciation.

-) Pisces don’t like the idea of having a large squad.

-) They don’t like crowded places to chill like clubs.

General Nature Of Pisces Man

As all the Pisces traits are covered it’s time to figure out the general personality of Pisces man. A Pisces man is a little bit old fashioned person. Their hairstyle may range but the clothes they wear would always be decent. They have dreamy eyes. Most of the times a Pisces man may seems lost.

Pisces man doesn’t flirt around much. Just a little bit flirt. As far as the loyalty is concerned they will only be loyal once they find the right person for them. No loyalty in temporary relationships. Due to their analyzing property they can easily analyze whether a thing would be worth it or not and then would act accordingly.

Pisces man may settle on average when it comes to carrier and wealth since all he cares about is his own way of living life. That’s why a Pisces man needs a passionate partner that just doesn’t simply let him settle for less than what he deserves.

Pisces man is really passionate on the bed. A Pisces man always try to fulfill his wildest imaginations when it comes to make love and because of that a Pisces man needs a passionate partner. It’s rare for Pisces man to really find a partner with which they are fully happy in life because of the fact that reality can no longer keep up with their fantasies.

General characteristics of a Pisces girl.

Since Pisces contains the love element more than most of the other zodiac signs, the Pisces girl is more likely to be broke at a younger age. Because of raging love sensations and pure/innocent nature, a Pisces girl is most likely to be get caught by a bad boy because good guys are busy somewhere else in life.

Because of high sensitivity and delicate nature, a Pisces girl gets easily exploited by the bad boy who just go for temporary relationship whereas a Pisces girls looks for a soulmate. It’s hard to find a Pisces girl who is not broken.

A Pisces girl, just like a Pisces man lives in her own world. She doesn’t care less about what people think about her. Her circle is small usually 2-5 best buddies and she can talk non stop with them. She daydreams a lot just like the Pisces man. Her dreamy eyes are what draws most of the attention of others.

What Pisces Aims in Life?

What does a Pisces really aims in life?. The answer to such a question is not simple since it covers a wide aspects of life. Let’s see them all one by one.

  • Wealth

As far is wealth is considered, Pisces usually don’t care too much about wealth. All they want is that they would have enough money to live their life the way they want and we all know how they want to live! It’s live, love and laugh. If they want something in life they would hustle for it but not for more than it, so when it’s done they quit. Never going overboard for wealth. Contended peeps.

  • Career

Pisces are either seen with creative career like painters , artists, creative field or they are seen settling for average with just doing a normal job to sustain a normal lifestyle. If a Pisces makes the correct use of the opportunity at the right time, they are most likely to be one of the most famous peeps with some real talent. However, if they fail to flourish their creative side then they would be most likely be seen doing an average no creative job.

  • Love

When it comes to love, Pisces aims to find a soulmate which lasts till eternity. Temporary relationships don’t appear a good deal to Pisces. Either they want it their way or they don’t want it. It’s hard for Pisces to find the real passionate partners for themselves but they would always look for the perfect. It’s always a misery to see such a lovely zodiac sign with someone who doesn’t loves them the way they love them. Many Pisces pick up the wrong people to love and hence they appear miserable because they are giving all they can and in return all they are getting is well played.. They don’t deserve that kind of people.

  • Peace of mind

Peace of mind would always be the first and foremost priority of the Pisces. While some other zodiac signs especially the ones from the fire element focus on ruling others and commanding others and ruining others peace of mind, Pisces is different in this regard. Pisces believe to spread peace of mind and set everyone free so that everyone can live their life the way they all want.

  • Vision

When it comes to vision, Pisces dream big. Not the day dreams but they visualize them with big and worthy things. That’s because they are creative people and only creative people are the ones who have a large impact on the world. Their visions contains some big things however, if they don’t flourish their vision and creativity they are most likely to settle for average.

Pisces Compatibility

  • With Fire Elements’s sign

Pisces would be facing hard time with fire elements’s signs because there is a complete difference of mindset. This complete difference can either be too beneficial and both would support each other toward success covering each other’s weak spot or it can result in total disaster with completely misunderstanding each other.

  • With Air Elements’s sign

Air elements’s sign can go well with the Pisces. Virgo from Air Elements’s signs is one of the signs that can go real well with the Pisces. The assumption that the air elements’s signs can go well with comes from the fact that these signs have some emotional nature with freedom nature which are the things Pisces likes. So these can go very well sometimes but there are certain qualities of air elements’s sign which are the complete opposite of Pisces. Like these air signs like to achieve something in term of wealth and carrier whereas Pisces doesn’t care about those two that much.

This can prove both beneficial and disastrous. Either the Virgo motivates or paves way for the Pisces to unleash their creativity for ultimate success or the Virgo would always criticize the Pisces for being lazy which can prove disastrous since Pisces are some sensitive peeps.

  • With Water Elements’s signs

Since Pisces belongs to this elements, it can go best with the other signs from this element. Pisces are best compatible with Scorpio and Cancer. All these signs are just like each other with a little bit difference but they all can go very well with each other. They can better understand each other hence producing the best zodiac couple.

Pisces Luck

Pisces generally have more than average luck but that depends upon the individual and varies among them. The lucky numbers for Pisces are 5,7,11 and 13 whereas the lucky day for Pisces is considered Tuesday.

How to spot a Pisces from the crowd

-) The one with the most dreamy eyes in the crowd is most likely to be a Pisces.

-) Is a little bit out of fashion and is wearing decent and simple clothes.

-) Is standing with little to no squad. Sometimes a Pisces prefer to be alone so it’s no wonder to see them alone even in big gatherings because they live it their own way.

-) Talks less with others. Pisces are generally shy people so they can be easily picked up from the crowd because they talk less.

-) Is shy person among the crowd. When a Pisces is around the crowd they might get some weird shyness.

-) Is the one who is lost in his own thoughts.

-) Observing everyone carefully. Since Pisces are real good at analyzing people, they might use this gift of nature to understand the nature of a lot of people.

Gemstones for Pisces

There are certain gemstones which can be worn for Pisces. The birthstone for Pisces is Amethyst which offers the most benefits for the Pisces however some other stones can also be worn.

  • Amethyst

This gemstone is the birthstone for Pisces and hence it’s the most compatible gemstone for Pisces and offers a lot of benefits. Amethyst is generally a light purple stone with a rigidity level of 8/10 which means it’s fairly hard enough. What does this Amethyst stone offers for Pisces? Well let’s consider that

Amethyst helps to relieve one by erasing harsh memories from ones mind. Since Pisces are really sensitive by nature so an Amethyst is helpful for them as it helps to relieve them from any harsh memory they might have kept hidden.

Amethyst improves the overall luck of the Pisces. Since it’s the birthstone for Pisces it boosts all the good qualities in Pisces. The waves from the Amethyst gemstones are said to be very good for healing wounds for Pisces.

Amethyst also enhances the spiritual powers of Pisces thus giving them a superior controls over their abilities. It also helps Pisces to make right decisions in life to succeed. Amethyst is also seen to enhance and flourish the creativity of Pisces.

Other gemstones for good for Pisces are Agate, Opal, Blue Sapphire and Red sapphire.

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