Tick tock is the most trending app on the social media app, it has given people a platform to enhance their talents and show what they are capable of doing and what they can do. There are so many people that join this app every day and have been showing their talents well. duet is among one of the most trending functions this app and people have been making duet windows living far away in the distance. If you are also wanting to do this feature but don’t know how to then don’t worry we will help you with this amazing feature. Let me guide you to the way you can create a duet video on tick tock.

Ways to create duet on tick tock app

  1. DOWNLOAD THE APP  from play store or ios


2. Once the app is downloaded login into the app using Gmail or Facebook.

3. You will be directed to the trending videos.

4. Swipe upward to see videos coming.

5. Now select the video that you would wanna duet on.

6. Select the share option on the app that is present on the side.

share option

7. Now record the video according to the duet reaction.

duet reaction

8. Now the final step is to click next and this will post your video.

Duet is one of the most amazing features that tick tock has other than this, there are incredibly amazing other features like lenses, face effects, and waterdrop. All these features get timely updated as you update your app. This duet feature allows an ordinary person to act with his dream celeb and people you can either tag them or not it totally depends on you. So if you don’t wanna tag don’t worry, its all up to you.

How do people do the shoe challenge or anything that needs time?

  1. Hold the record button till your first shot.
  2. Now leave the button the video gets paused.
  3. Now you have time for a new view or look.
  4. Again press the button and continue the video.
  5. And this can be repeated multiple times.
  6. So your different video mixture is ready.

So now your video is ready, these are different features that you can do on your favorite tick tock. Ticktock is fun and can really help you enhance your talent. You can also use this platform for your exhibition of skill. Today the world is more of digitalization, and people like quickly available content, so platforms like tick tock, Instagram, and Facebook have been proliferating.

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