The first thing to do is to check if your Broadband is available current Internet package in the area where you are moving. To do this, you will need to contact your ISP or better, consult a broker, it only takes a minute, and you will know all available operators and a rate estimate for each of them!

Relocating Your Broadband

Why do that? Because you cannot have the guarantee that your operator will be available at your new address, moreover, even if it’s the case, the Internet speed will probably change it. It can also be much better at another operator … The most common example of this situation is Numeric able fiber offerings which are very powerful but relatively not available.

Termination Or Migration, What Do You Need To Know Before Doing Anything?

The first thing to think about when you hesitate between terminating your Internet offer or migrating your current Internet provider is whether you are under commitment.

If you have a commitment and have not reached the minimum duration of 12 months with your Internet operator, you will not be able to cancel your subscription unless it is not available on your new address.

To know:

  1.  If your operator is not available at your new address, you can cancel your Internet subscription even if you commit 12 or 24 months.
  2.   For about two years most Internet offers are without commitment.

How’s It Going With All-In-One Deals? Can I Cancel Everything? 

Do you have your mobile plan and your Internet plan at the same operator and on the same offer? In this type of contract, it is necessary to differentiate between the Internet port and the mobile part. Generally, the mobile part is associated with a commitment while the Internet part is not. In other words, the Internet part is free of cancellation whereas for the mobile part it will be necessary to wait for the end of the engagement.

Terminating the Internet may automatically increase the cost of your mobile plan as the all-in-one package gives you a discount. Browse online for a broadband comparison with USAVE  to see how you can do to limit this increase.

Do You Have To Pay For The Transfer Of Internet Connection To A New Address?

In general, no, but as with everything in life, there are exceptions. The most common of these are:

Creation of line:

If in your new home no line is activated, it will be necessary to install a new line, connection fees may apply. Your adviser can inform you beforehand and tell you how to avoid, if possible, the costs of creating a line.


In the case of a new address with a low ADSL rate for TV, your Internet operator can give you the opportunity to pay for a technician to come to your new home and set up a dish so that your TV goes through the satellite.


As part of a fiber or cable installation, technicians can come for free but ask you to pay if they have to go beyond their usual tasks to set up your service. Be wary however and ask your operator if this intervention is necessary before accepting.

Transferring Your Internet Contract To A New Address Means That You Need To Renew Your Commitment?

There is no general rule about renewing your Internet contract when you move; each provider has its policy on it.

However, they tend to fall into two camps when it comes to this issue. Some Internet providers will ask you to start, without necessarily telling you, a new contract when transferring Internet connection to a new address, others will not make this commitment mandatory.

How To Transfer Your Broadband Plan When Moving?

  1. As soon as you know where you are going, enter your new postal code on the homepage of your subscriber’s portal to get an idea of suppliers, offers, and speeds available in the region where you moved into to know if:
  • If your current plan is available at your new address.
  • If transferring it to your new address will be free.
  • If you need to renew your contract in case of transfer.
  • How much would it cost you to cancel your current plan?
  1. If you decide to keep the same operator, contact your operator. They usually ask you to inform them between three months and three weeks before move your home.

You will need the following information before contacting your ISP to tell them that you are moving:

-Your account number or ID.

-Your current phone number (if you have).

-Your new address and postal code.

-The date you move.

-The date you move into your new home.

3. According to your Internet operator, once you have informed them of your move the only things to expect are:

Arrange an appointment with a technician to connect you. If you stay with the same operator, remember to recover all your equipment (Box Internet, cable, remote control …) Also, do a regular check for your connection using the best internet speed test to monitor if the speed remains the same as before after moving in a new house.

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