If you are here, then let us congratulate you. No! Not for opening this article, but because you have completed creating a software application that has the potential to solve some of the industry-related issues.

Creating software is not difficult; selling them is.

There are many factors that you have to consider before taking your software application to large-scale companies. And even if you complete the whole process, there is hardly any assurance that the enterprises will accept your software application.

So what can be done? Why not try AWS Marketplace.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a platform that curates all the online SaaS services onto one platform. This makes it easy for both the customers and seller to engage with each other.

Selling With AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is like heaven for the seller. They simply have to register themselves as sellers on AWS, and they will be able to cater their services to the customers. The best part of AWS is that you can even sell your product for free.

Independent software vendors, data providers, and consulting partners can easily sell their products and services with just a few clicks. AWS Marketplace helps the sellers build, market, and sell their offerings. Let’s explore these aspects in detail.

AWS Marketplace


AWS seller guide helps the new seller learn the working of the AWS platform. The seller only has to focus on their products, while AWS will manage all followings:

  • Billing
  • Metering
  • Payments

In addition to that, AWS has numerous pricing options that help the seller price their products accordingly.


Once you have created your product and services, the next thing is to market them. AWS helps the seller build a GTM foundation and helps them run marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns are flexible and can be adjusted as per sellers’ needs.


This phase of the AWS Marketplace helps the sellers customize products’ prices and services, schedules payments, and licensing agreements through private offers.

Why Is the AWS Marketplace A Great Place To Start?

AWS Marketplace is a great place for sellers to showcase their products and services. This helps the seller put the relevant product forward to the most prominent audiences.

We would like to share some of the benefits sellers can enjoy while selling their products and services in AWS Marketplace.

1. Visibility

Listing your product on the AWS marketplace helps you create awareness in the massive community of AWS users. Additionally, the AWS marketing tool exposes your product services to the most relevant audiences.

2. Credibility

With the rising popularity of AWS Marketplace, Customers feel more confident with the software vendors affiliated with AWS Marketplace.

3. Deployment & Billing

AWS Marketplace takes care of everything, starting from billing, deployment, and collection of software products sold. All the revenue is calculated, and vendors are provided with a monthly payment.

4. Flexible Pricing Option

Products sold as AMIs can be billed on an hourly or monthly basis. This helps the seller by avoiding the need to create a software system for billing infrastructure. Depending on your workload, youtube can go either with a monthly payment system or an hourly payment system.

5. Free Trial

The companies with hourly billing systems can provide built-in free trials to their customers without exhausting their resources. Once the free trial version expires, the customers are transferred to the paid version of products and services.

6. Annual Subscription

This option is fairly new in AWS Marketplace. Despite being new features, it is certainly smooth. It allows annual subscriptions to be automatic and hassle-free.

Final Thoughts

As with any online platform, AWS is evolving and expanding itself towards perfection. AWS is still incomplete. While you use the marketplace, you will find that some essential features are still lacking.

However, that doesn’t mean that AWS Marketplace is not worth a try. Despite missing out on a couple of key features, it is still the best platform where customers and sellers can engage actively.

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