As the temperature starts to rise your thoughts are likely to turn to the air conditioning unit. At this stage, you’ll need to hope you’ve serviced it properly and it’s ready to use. However, if you haven’t already got an air conditioner you need to consider checking out a reputable air-conditioning sales firm.

Scientists tell us that global warming is going to increase the temperature of the planet and the number of heatwaves. Considering excess heat is not beneficial for your body, it’s time you invested in an air conditioner.

Here’s what you need to know before you spend your cash:

Size Of The Room

You need to decide if you want one cool room or to try and cool the entire house. The volume you are trying to cool will be vastly different. It’s essential that you are aware of the volume of the room to purchase an air conditioner that matches the space you’re cooling.

If you go to big it will switch on and off too frequently, too small and it may not cool your room properly. It will also be working harder than it should which will shorten its lifespan.

Portable or Fixed

A portable unit can be moved between rooms as needed. But, it will have a pipe that needs to direct the hot air outside.  Portable air conditioners are also noisy, making it hard to relax with the television or possibly even talk while it is cooling the room.

In contrast, the fixed units have their motors outside so are much quieter. But, they are considerably more expensive to purchase.

Part of your decision regarding portable or fixed should be based on how often you think you’ll use it.



Air conditioners vary greatly in price and this is partly due to the build quality. It’s best to pay a little more and opt for a brand that you know with a good reputation.

If you’re not sure about a specific brand you can take a look on social media. You should find an abundance of comments that will help you decide if the unit and the manufacturer are as good as you think they are, or not.

Don’t forget, not all comments will be positive, this shows the reviews are genuine and gives you the opportunity to see how the supplier reacted.

Air Quality

Air conditioners can come with a filter that can improve the air quality in your home. This is a good thing! In fact, a high-quality filter will help the machine to work more efficiently, making it a better choice than one without a filter.

This is particularly important if you, or anyone in your family, has allergies.

Swinging Ability

A fixed air conditioner generally directs air high in the room and allows the cooler air to naturally dropdown. This is effective. But, if you’ve opted for a portable system you should ensure the airflow moves, directing it around the room and increasing the chance of an even temperature across space.

Finally, having evaluated all the options, go with the one that you like the most!

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