If you are one of those travel-freaks who love to go out for months at a time, or you desire to make a road journey a full-time gig, then this article is for you!

The above unconventional lifestyles are famous among snowbirds, retirees, and young couples range from living in a recreational vehicle to living on a houseboat.

So, if you are one who enjoys a permanent or long-term alternative lifestyle encircled around travel, there are multiple full-time travel options to consider.

Once you find the best-suited method for you, there are still numerous activities to do to get ready for living on the road.

We’ve gathered some helpful tips and considerate steps as you pack up your life to live in a house and prepare yourself for travel and adventure.

Make A Foolproof Plan!

In spite of knowing how you are obtaining around and what to do with your goods, still, there is a lot to do. However, you can’t anticipate every circumstance; even you can put yourself at ease if you take care of some fundamental chores. Take a look:

  • As a homeowner, you must look after your property to be on a safe side. For that, you must approach your insurance agent to let him know that it will be unoccupied for a longer period. If in case, you plan to rent it out while you’re away, you’ll require landlord insurance.
  • You need to notify your insurance agent or DMV if you store your vehicle for an extended period. You can also get lowered auto insurance premium, based on your situation.
  • Many health insurance plans cover certain emergency situations as if you’re far from home for a while. For the same concern, you can look forward to short term medical coverage for travelers
  • Let your bank and credit card office know that you’ll be out for some days. Also, do not forget your passport just in case you cross a border.

Take An Inventory Of Your Belongings!


The primary thing to do is take account of your stuff. And, this is not an easy task as it looks! You have a whole lot of things and perhaps much has sentiments attached. So, you don’t want to lose those precious memories. Right?

The best way to secure your belongings is to consider self-storage units, which you can get at a much affordable price. They will not only make sure that your stuff is safe but also provide you with the best services.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items!

Do you really want to store those old school notebooks – the ones with a pile of dust on them? Hopefully, not!

You know that you will never hold them again, so it’s best to donate them. That is applicable to the board games, old furniture, old clothing pieces, and set of kitchen extras too.

However, by all means, keep your valuable collectibles, vacation pictures, winter sports equipment, and other useful stuff. If comfortable, take tiny items with you and put other must-have in storage units.


Handling your stuff while on the road needs sure-fire planning. However, if you sell something online or at a sale, it is a great chance to make more money. Whatever you choose, you aim to diminish your possessions down to the kinds of pieces you genuinely cherish and want to recover at journey’s end!

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