Regular car maintenance is an essential task for every car owner who wants to keep their vehicle in mint condition year-round, and prolong its lifespan. When it comes to hitting the open road and taking on a grand travel adventure, this task becomes even more important, as there is no telling what could go wrong in the middle of nowhere.

Aside from the typical under-the-hood inspection you should conduct, and the subsequent tire pressure check, you might have not given the windshield that much thought. After all, what’s the worst that could happen from a small chip in the corner of the glass? A lot, a lot could happen. Here is why you should give your windshield and thorough inspection, and fix or replace it before you head out.

Prevent damage when you least expect it

Never underestimate the power of wind resistance when you’re travelling at medium-to-high speeds, because it could be more than your windshield can handle. If you thought that a small crack or a chip on your windshield is not enough to cause a domino effect on the entire surface of the glass, think again. When under pressure from continuous wind resistance, it might only be a matter of time before it shatters completely.

If the glass does shatter, there is a high probability of glass debris hitting you and your family members due to the sheer force with which the glass was broken. This could lead to minor injuries such as small cuts and surface penetrations on the skin, but it could also lead to severe injuries if the glass gets in your eyes or any other sensitive area.

Helps keep the roof in place

roof in place

There is no telling what might happen on the road, not because of you, but because of the recklessness of other drivers. People are driving fast, they are reckless and overly confident in their driving skills, and they tend to fall asleep at the wheel – these are all dangerous scenarios you do not want to find yourself in. In fact, if you’re travelling alone, make sure to keep your energy levels topped off in order to avoid dozing off at the wheel.

One of the accidents that happen way often than you might think, is the car flipping over on its roof on a tight turn, a near miss, or if the driver dozes off. When this happens, the windshield will be responsible for keeping the roof from pressing down on you. If the glass is cracked or weak, though, it will shatter and allow the roof to cave in. So, take every precaution.

Prevent a nasty roadside accident

While we’re on the subject of roadside accidents, the windshield plays a vital role in helping you avoid dangerous scenarios. For example, if your windshield shatters on an empty road, you might be able to stop and figure out your next move without causing an accident.

Now, imagine doing this on a busy highway. Needless to say, conducting a thorough inspection and taking your car for a professional glass repair will be an essential step in ensuring your safety, and the safety of others on the road. Not only will a new windshield be sturdier and able to withstand wind resistance, but it will also eliminate visual obstructions.

Prevent glares and obstructions


There are many ways a faulty or cracked windshield can impair your ability to see the road clearly and enjoy a safe, carefree driving experience. From time-worn coatings, to chips, cracks, and streaks, all of these problems can produce excess glare, heat, and obstruct your field of view in a myriad of other ways. When you’re traveling through unfamiliar terrains and cities, this is the last thing you need.

Your current windshield might just need a thorough wash and some buffing to bring it back to its former shining glory, but it might need to be replaced altogether if the mechanic notices numerous microscopic chips that might lead to bigger problems on the road. Don’t risk it, but eliminate visual obstructions before you hit the road.

Protect your car against vandalism

Last but not least, keep one simple fact in mind: cars with damaged windshields and windows are easier to vandalize and steal. Make no mistake, a car thief will take advantage of the weakened glass to quickly get into your car, and drive away. To prevent this, make sure the glass is strong and sturdy, able to withstand a break-in attempt and deter the thieves from stealing your car.

The windshield might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pre-travel car maintenance, but in reality, it has an extremely important role to play. Take these insights to heart, and visit your mechanic for a thorough windshield check-up and repair before you take on your next big adventure.

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