For car lovers, it is fascinating to learn about the automaker of the luxury car brand you love most. All luxurious cars have a specific logo which distinguishes them and makes them stand out from the rest. Classic cars sharing similar logos, despite being different models, are all made by the same automaker.

We will discuss several automakers below and their different brands of cars.

The Automaker That Owns Acura


Acura was launched back in 1998 by a Japanese automaker popularly known as Honda. In the same year, 1998, Honda created two more brands, which are Integra and Legend. The Legend brand led to the invention of Honda’s first V- 6. Other brands manufactured by Honda include MDX, BDX SUV, and the NSX, a native sports car.

The Automaker That Owns Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

One of the many brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobile is the posh, luxurious, elegant and classic Alfa Romeo. Fiat Chrysler was steady for almost 20 years and made a significant breakthrough in the market in mid-2014 with the 4-C, which is a low-volume sports car. Other brands of the same automaker that followed a few years later are Mainstream Sedan, Giulia and, the latest one, the SUV luxury brand.

The Automaker That Owns Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Unlike the other luxury car brands, Aston Martin is not owned by a giant automaker. Ford sold the car manufacturing industry, based in Britain, to a collection of investors. The founder of Mercedes Benz, Daimler, owns 5 percent of the company shares.

The Automaker That Owns Bentley


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Initially, Bentley was owned by a British ultra-luxury brand, until the year 1998 when the Volkswagen Group bought it. Therefore, Bentley is wholly owned by the VW group. The Volkswagen Group are the automakers of other brands including the Audi and its namesake, the Volkswagen brand. This explains why there are many similarities in features between the Audi Q-7 and Bentley Bentayga.

The Automaker That Owns Bugatti


Bugatti is one of the most popular sports cars because of its astonishing speed. Many people know Bugatti for its 1,001-horsepower and remarkable progress of 1,200 horsepower in Veyron Super Sport. The inventors of Bugatti were a French Supercar maker, but they later sold it to the Volkswagen Group in 1998.

The Automaker That Owns BMW


BMW, a luxurious car, was named after its automaker, BMW Group. BMW Group is a German automotive company that is behind the manufacture of various popular luxurious brands. In 2003, BMW relaunched the Mini after it was refurbished.

Another classic and unique luxurious limousine-style car is the famous Roll Royce model. Its production began in 2003, and it still rocks the market with to its classic look.

The Automaker That Owns Lamborghini


Tata Motors, which are famous for the TATA truck, are the automakers of the Lamborghini. This is an India-based industry. The Jaguar was previously owned by Ford who sold it together with another famous brand known as the Land Rover in 2008. Jaguar led to the production of other brands like the F-type and SUV in the F-pace.

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