There is a recovery period following any form or surgery and the same applies to a bariatric procedure. You want to give yourself every chance of a speedy and healthy recovery from bariatric surgery, as well as enhancing the post-operative benefits.

Sticking with a bariatric-specific vitamin supplement after bariatric surgery is one positive move you can make to keep you healthy and put you well on the path towards achieving your ideal weight and fitness levels.
Let’s take a closer look at how vitamin and mineral supplements can help after undergoing weight loss surgery and which vitamin supplements will be of benefit.

Vitamin B12 To Strengthen Your Immune System

You’ve just had invasive surgery and your body is in the recovery phase. It’s during times like this that your immune system can become compromised. In order to avoid any ill effects or complications after surgery, you’ll want your immune system to be as robust as possible. Vitamin B12 is known to play a pivotal role in boosting the immune system of the human body. Not only does your immune system get a much-needed boost, but Vitamin B12 will also enhance your energy levels. Overall, you’ll recover more quickly and have more get up and go as a result.

Note that it is now very difficult for your body to absorb enough Vitamin B12 from food following bariatric surgery. That’s why it’s vital that you supplement your food intake with Bariatric specific multis and the occasional single Vitamin formula including B12 tablets 

Vitamin D and Calcium Are Highly Recommended

Vitamin D

Both Vitamin D and calcium are important for bone health, muscle health, and a stronger immune system. In order for the body to effectively absorb and make full use of calcium, Vitamin D needs to be present. The two often work hand in hand.

Not many foods contain enough Vitamin D to be effective, so it’s important to get a little sun exposure most days, as this promotes the production of Vitamin D within the body.

If you’ve just had gastric band surgery, a gastric sleeve procedure, or a gastric bypass, you’ll want to load up on both calcium and Vitamin D to give your immune system a boost and hasten the recovery process following the operation.
Calcium absorption is heavily affected by the surgery, and daily supplementation is recommended for life to make up for lower intake of food, and poor absorption of this nutrient.

Be Sure To Get Some Iron

There is a good chance that your bariatric surgery procedure could lead to an iron deficiency post-operation. This possibility exists following gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery especially. Iron is mostly absorbed in the first part of the small intestine, but changes made in the body’s system can reduce its ability to absorb this vital mineral.

Not only should you eat foods that are high in iron content, such as green leafy vegetables, but you will want to add iron supplements to your daily diet, just to be sure your body is getting enough iron in the weeks and months after your surgical procedure.

If you suffer from a lack of iron, anemia may develop, which is a condition where the red blood cells are unable to carry enough oxygen around the body. This can leave you feeling fatigued and short of breath.

You don’t want to suffer from anemia at the best of times and you certainly don’t want an iron deficiency when you’re recovering from bariatric surgery.

Multivitamins Are Always a Good Choice

The research indicates, one of the most positive things you can do for yourself after you’ve had bariatric surgery is to add WLS specific multivitamins to your diet and take them daily. Be sure the multivitamins you choose are enriched with the vitamins and minerals you need most following your surgery, they need to have more B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron than a general multivitamin to ensure you’re getting your daily allowance. Not all multivitamins contain the same blend of vitamins and minerals so be sure to check the label.

Better yet, talk to your bariatric surgeon about multivitamin brands they can recommend for you. This way you will be sure you’re on the right track with your dietary supplements.

In Conclusion

So long as you consume a healthy and balanced diet and top up on the essential vitamins and minerals you need, there’s no reason you can’t make a full and speedy recovery following any bariatric surgery procedure.

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