Now periods is something that all are shy to talk about, but it’s not something to hide it happens every month to a female and its sources of the most beautiful gift in the future. The human body is designed in a way that should not be ashamed of. Periods are something in which the blood is released every month from the woman’s vagina. The flow of blood can vary from person to person. Pads are the most commonly used in the highest percentage of females. However, the major problem that women complain is about the rashes and the stains that happen when you have a heavy flow.  You might be thinking that pads do come in sizes and they must be apt if one goes for the extra large ones. However, trust me one it’s, not something that one can 100% rely on. Moreover, the biggest problem is the uncomfortableness and the rashes that happen when one uses pads for consistently for 5-6 days.

The alternatives to pads are the tampons and the mensural cups that are available in the market and are known to be more period friendly comparative to pads.  Today we are going to talk about tampons where I am going to tell you how they are used and what measurements one has to take before using it and what are the myths about it.

A tampon is a small object that is made of cotton, and it soaks double the amount of blood that an extra large pad can soak. It looks small, but when it is inserted inside the vagina, it opens up and absorbs blood without causing any rashes, and you might not even feel like something inside you.

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How to insert a tampon:

  • First, wash your hand and vagina nicely so that no infection gets into your private area.
  • Take a tampon according to your bleeding, and they come in small, medium and large. So you can pick according to your flow of the day. I would recommend going for a medium tampon in the start.
  • Tampon comes with a plastic shed on it as packing, so you have to do is hold the tampon from both the sides and twist it in the opposite direction to each other.
  • This will remove the shield now you will see a string at the bottom of the tampon that is the string that will help you pull out the tampon.
  • Take a comfortable position that opens your vagina wide, and you can either place ou one leg on the toilet seat and bend a little. This will help you get your vagina space.
  • Push the tampon inside the much you can, make sure you have the string out to hold.
  • Once you feel comfortable that you have inserted it right, place the string out on the panty and have a happy period.

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How to remove a tampon

  • Once you have inserted the tampon, make sure you change it every 4 hours to avoid any disease or infection.
  • Go to the washroom, wash your hands, or sanitize them this will help you healthy and safe.
  • Take a comfortable position and wide your vagina the much you can
  • Once you are satisfied, to be calm and hold the string that is out.
  • Pull the tampon slowly out and never rush as rushing can cause you to get cuts to the vagina.
  • Once you remove it to make sure you wash the vagina with water and then reinsert another tampon.

Hey, ladies, be it tampon or pad its more about your safety and keep reading to get more updates from us on your health fashion and lifestyle.

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