A garden pod is a sanctuary, a place completely separate from your usual living space but just as much of a home. This unique space allows you to find moments of solace in your everyday life as the pod becomes a destination for escape and relaxation. With so many possibilities for how you want to style this bespoke space, this guide will help you envision your pod exactly how you want it, but better.

Make It Feel Like Home

Add layers of soft furnishings to make your garden pod feel like a cosy retreat in your own garden. It might be helpful to choose a few colours for the soft furnishings that you can work around as you add to the scheme. Using different textures can make a small space feel more sophisticated – try experimenting with new textures like using woven bamboo baskets for storage and a rich wool blanket on-hand for cool summer evenings.

Garden Pod

Bring The Outside In

Bring in some plants (real or fake) to make this space feel like part of your garden. You can use a combination of plants, table-top or larger, to give different effects. For example, larger plants work well with wooden textures, while smaller succulents on a sideboard can add a touch of personality. This is a great way to integrate your pod with the garden, another way to achieve this could be to pick out weatherproof furniture that works both inside and outside the pod. By thinking about how you want the space to function, you can make your pod perfectly tailored to your needs.

Add Some Personal Touches

You can use colours, prints or picture frames that make it feel like an extension of your home. If this is a family space, bring in your family’s personality with things like games or fun accessories. For a workspace, you might want to tailor the room to suit how you like to work. Want the lightest part of the room? The versatile space allows you to adapt your space around your needs.

Make It Practical

Think about how you’re going to use your space so you can make your space work for your needs – whether that means adding a storage basket for the bits to keep in there or using a robust outdoor rug to allow for indoor-outdoor living. Stylish storage solutions allow you to declutter your space as well as store everything you might need to be accessible.

If you want to use the space as a garden office, you could think about the accessories that would make your pod the perfect working environment. For example, a kitchen unit or worktop to provide somewhere to make your all-important coffee without having to return to the house.


It’s also important to think about lighting as different types of lighting help to set the mood for different occasions. You could have a central light for practical use but also more ambient lighting options to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Some fairy lights on the outside would be perfect for transitioning the pod into an enchanting evening setting for having your friends and family over.

By following these tips, you will be able to create a warm, unique space that will keep on giving for years to come. With endless possibilities of how to style your space, the key is not being afraid to make it your own. By combining this creative freedom with simple, practical ideas, you can be sure to make your garden pod somewhere that you always want to retreat to.

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