For years our dependence on digitally stored data has been growing exponentially until reaching a moment, the current one, in which our dependence on those files stored in one or the other medium can be said without fear of being wrong that is almost absolute. From very important personal, financial or professional documents to unrepeatable memories in photography or video. Practically all our life is stored in one way or another in the hard disk of our computer, external disks for backup copies, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, mobile phones and other storage media.

The loss of these, especially those that we thought were safe or of which (big mistake) we do not have more than one backup, can be a personal or professional. And although the causes can be many: involuntary deletion, formatting of the unit, software error, virus attack, loss of partition or more; if the loss of data is not due to a physical problem of the support (of which we will speak another day) the solution may be within the reach of a few clicks best file recovery software. Let’s see how.

Fortunately, there are solutions for that we have just described. And some free, as is the case of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the data recovery software that we are going to talk about today and that offers, as we have been able to verify, one of the best recovery software experiences.

To summarize, this data recovery software offers us these main features and functions, for the need to recover deleted files from any normal user:

Data Recovery

Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

  •  Detect of image and video files, audio, documents, General files and other formats.
  • Two recovery modes: simple and deep scanning.
  • Preview localized information before proceeding with recovery.
  • Organization of results in three ways: file path, type and date and time of loss.
  • Saved data from the scans. It allows the import of scan status to recover data.

How To Recover Files With EaseUS Recovery Software:

If anything we can highlight this data recovery software is certainly the simple of its interface. Let’s be clear, in a situation of maximum digital stress such as the loss of our most precious information, the last thing we need is to also face a complicated program with options that we do not fully understand. In addition, it is a recovery software that only has to do one thing, but it must do it fast and well. So luckily with EaseUS data recovery software free .we will see a simple design that will guide us without too many problems until the recovery of the file.

In fact, the only thing that we will have to do is to select the type or types of file that we have lost and then the units of the equipment that will scan in search of them. We execute the scan and will locate everything that has been deleted. Once finished we can see in the panel what they have been and proceed to their recovery. That is, it cannot be simpler: What have you lost? Where have you lost it? Look to see if this is it.

And after that we will give way to the typical file tree in which the files are located and we will only have to choose the ones we want. That easy. It even has a preview to check if it is indeed the file that we are looking for.

Data Recovery Software Is Capable Of Working On This Type Of Recoverable Files:

  • Image: are the usual JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP among others.
  • Audio: sound files like MP3 and the like.
  • Email: Mail emails.
  • Documents: Office documents Word, PDF, Excel etc.
  • Video: movies, downloaded videos
  • Common files: for example compressed files or executables of programs.
  • Other file types: files that don’t represent the previous categorization.

Although all these options are in the free version, if we need more advanced features from EaseUS data recovery software we offer several payment packages with the features and prices


In summary, with the different options offered by EaseUS recovery software we will have solutions for recovering deleted files adapted to any situation and any requirement, from accidental home erasures to large data recovery company.

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