Your honeymoon should be the most romantic holiday of your life. It’s a chance to relax after the chaos of the wedding. You can reflect on your memories of the wedding and look forward to making new ones. The honeymoon should be about you and your partner. You just need to find the perfect destination for the occasion.

The honeymoon can be pushed to one side to make room for wedding planning. But if you want a honeymoon soon, you need to start booking things and soon.

Follow this quick guide to plan your dream honeymoon.

Find a date

Traditionally, couples would go on their honeymoon the morning after the wedding. These days, weddings are much bigger celebrations, and couples tend to wait a little while before going away. You should go on your honeymoon when you have the time and money to do so. You might find it a little stressful to go away straight after the wedding. Talk to your partner and pick a date for your honeymoon. It could be a few weeks or years after the wedding. It’s up to you.

Set a budget

Next up, you need to set a budget for the honeymoon. Weddings are expensive, and you might not be able to afford a honeymoon right now. You could start with a smaller weekend away after the wedding and then a larger trip when you have more funding. Think about the cost of transport, accommodation, and activities. You might have to reduce the costs of the wedding to afford a honeymoon, and vice versa.


Find your destination

Sit down with your partner, set a one-minute timer, and each writes down three destinations you have always wanted to visit. Do not show each other your answers until the timer goes off. Compare notes and if you have the same destination – start researching that one. If you have different destinations, discuss what you like about those places and your priorities for a honeymoon. You might be able to find somewhere that combined your priorities and wasn’t on either list.


Once you have the date and destination down, you can begin to research and book a few things. You could speak to a travel agent to get a second opinion or ask on social media if anyone has been there before. Research the areas in your destination to find the best one for you. Book your flights and accommodation in advance – and start thinking about the logistics. You need to book airport transfers, activities and much more.

Get your honeymoon in the diary and start preparing for your next adventure.

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