If you live in an apartment, you might give up on the idea of having a dog before even trying it. Why is that? Well, because everyone around you seems to have something negative to say about this. Those opinions lead to you thinking that a canine would be miserable in a confined space like that. But, before you give up on this, you should ask yourself if it is possible that you are receiving advice from ill-informed people.

Dogs Can Be Couch Potatoes

Believe it or not, there are dogs that don’t need that much exercise, and living in an apartment wouldn’t be a bad thing for them at all. The trick is to do research and find the breed that would perfectly fit in with your lifestyle. This is very well possible, no matter what anyone tells you. So, instead of listening to just anyone, find a few reliable sources, and learn from them.


Speaking of reliable sources, you should check out https://petdogpals.com and get all the tips you need in order to keep your doggie healthy and happy. They might even offer a few useful pieces of advice on the breed you should choose. Once you have found your perfect breed – the one that won’t mind living in an apartment – the next step is to learn a couple of tricks about how to keep it happy in a small place like that.

Just because your little furry friend won’t mind living in an apartment, it doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect their mental state and ignore it if it seems unhappy. Plus, by learning how to keep canines happy in small apartments, you will be able to get any breed you like. Dogs are highly adaptable beings and with a little help from you, they will easily get accustomed to just any setting whatsoever. Therefore, do your homework and learn how to keep your pet happy. Here we go.

Personal Space             

This might sound a bit silly to you, but canines need their personal space just like humans do. You have your own room; it needs at least its own corner. So, take a couple of minutes to design a specific area in your apartment in accordance with your pet’s needs. This doesn’t take a lot of effort. Just put its bed, or a crate, or whatever soft surface you use, in a particular place, and add some toys that your four-legged friend can play with. It won’t take much time before the dog gets used to this being its own, private space.


Establishing a routine is the most important thing when you keep a canine in an apartment. Given that they are very smart and intuitive, they will definitely get used to the routine you set in no time. This means that you need to maintain regular feeding and walking times. It is important to stay consistent because your doggie can get upset if this constantly changes. Plus, it also helps you organize your own day while making sure that your pet’s needs are taken care of properly.

Indoor Activities

Now, this definitely doesn’t mean that you will need to set up some exercise equipment or turn a whole room into a play-room. This would be pointless. However, you can definitely engage in some fun activities with your pet right there inside your apartment. Rolling the ball on the floor towards each other, fetching, wrestling, and tugging for a toy, are some of the fun activities that you can engage in. Find out more.


You might wonder why this would be necessary in the first place. Well, think about it. The goal is to keep your pet happy. And when it gets to do anything with its owner, be that something as silly as wrestling, the level of happiness is definitely going to increase. In addition to that, you will notice how this can have a great impact on your own mood. No matter your age, it’s always nice to play!

Play Dates

Speaking of playing, it is a good idea to find your pet another dog it can play with. Although your canine is rather happy to play with you, it definitely needs some socialization with other animals. So, find other dog owners in your building, or your neighborhood and organize regular playdates. You can organize these inside the apartment, as well as in parks. You can even go for walks together if you end up like the owner.

Since I have already mentioned parks, you should know that these make for a great place for finding your doggie play date. So, if you don’t have a friend or anyone in your neighborhood, who owns a puppy, don’t be disappointed. Just take your pet to a dog park and let it socialize with other animals. I have no doubt that it will find a friend there in no time.

Walking Routes

Remember how I mentioned above that both you and your dog will enjoy having a precisely set out feeding and walking routine? This is definitely correct, but it doesn’t mean that your walking route should always be the same. In fact, it is much, much better if you change these routes regularly, rather than sticking to one and the same.

Canines are curious and they like to explore new territories. If you walk them along with one and the same route every single time, they are bound to get bored. Therefore, make sure to change these and let your puppy smell new things regularly. That’s how they get acquainted with anything and anyone, by smelling. And you’ll notice how happy your pet will get once it gets the opportunity to smell something new.

Since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, it’s best to avoid routes where you will encounter many people and other animals. Practice health safety measures when you’re outside. If you’re worried about your and your pet’s safety, this guide answers some of your questions about health risks and safety practices of your pet (and yourself) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Hands

If you have a friend, or a family member, who has a big yard, it won’t hurt to ask for permission to use that yard from time to time. This will allow your doggie to do some running without a leash, which will also significantly increase its happiness levels. But, make sure that the yard owner doesn’t mind these visits of yours. Not everyone is as in love with your dog as you.

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