No, it’s not difficult. Yes, it’s not easy. As a teenager, every challenge seems like an exercise. In the 40s, every exercise feels like a challenge. Age is a barrier for those who make it one. And you, are still young at heart. You want to stay fit, feel energetic throughout the day but can’t find the time and ways as responsibilities and the resultant hectic routines surround you. Especially when you are above 40, there is no time look after your body.

But now it’s time to stop worrying as we are going to discuss five fitness tips from the experts.

Don’t deny yourself a good sleep: Finishing the pending office work is always important and we even, at times, give it the time of our sleep at night. You often stay awake at night to make your children fall asleep because you know how important their sleep is to them. The main growth a child receives is while sleeping. But if studies are to go by, 6-7 hours of regular night sleep is necessary for people in their 40s. A good sleep:

Allows your body to balance your hormone levels

It helps in decreasing Ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is the hormone for hunger, i.e., it rings alarm bells inside your body when you are hungry. The lower it is, the better.

Increases the levels of leptin- the hormone of energy expenditure. The higher it is, the better.

Get a mix of cardio and strength

Cardio exercises raise your heart rate and make your body move which is essential for your muscles to stay in shape and become stronger. An efficient and healthy body is the result. Walking, running, cycling or high-intensity interval training can help. Aging makes you lose your muscle mass if it isn’t constantly replaced. You need to keep yourself physically strong in which strength training moves can help. Use resistance bands, dumbbells, or the body weight you own for the same. Just focus on not losing muscles while you age, rather build them. A good cardio session has benefits like increased bone density, reduced stress, and depression, better sleep, maintenance of body muscle while aging, high energy levels, etc. More muscles help in burning more calories every day. How about promising a cardio daily? And after that you can calculate your BMR, to see the results.

How to get fit after 40

Balance your Hormones

Neither uncontrollable nor can they be controlled completely. But while aging, they must be put to a regular check. A/ clean diet and a good sleep can help in controlling Insulin and Cortisol- the hormones for fat storage. Estrogens are the female sex hormone that has the capability of making you emotionally agitated. Eat clean to avoid pesticides, chemicals, and plastics which are some of the environmental estrogens. Regular checkups are good to have.

Mental preparedness for success

To succeed, be prepared to believe that you can. Almost half of our problems can be solved just by a belief. Your belief will push you towards your workout place and increase the intensity of your actions and consequently make your more fit. Maintaining a positive mindset is essential to doing something which is worth all the hard work. While running, if you think of the track as huge and that you cannot complete the run, you would surely give up before trying your best. Think otherwise, why did you go on the track? The answer to this question would become the secret to your fitness. A well-planned routine would meld you according to your target and prepare you for the satisfaction ahead. Fitness would beat the unfit you.

Make ‘fun’ a part of you

While growing old, there are times when we think of leaving everything and just living in the present moment without any regrets. But how often do we do this? Rarely. This is not because we are bad at it, but some people are dependent on us, whom we just cannot write off. You have to get rid of the things not allowing you to stay fit. Try doing what keeps you happy, what has the potential of giving the satisfaction you crave for a day in and day out.  Interact with the ones who you are comfortable and free with. Do activities that are enjoyable. Be a child, explore new things or even the things which are old, seek happiness in your work, remember the good times, make them again. You earn a living, but are you living? Ask this to yourself. Fun would remove the gun of being unfit from your head.

You may or may not do this now, but you might regret not doing this later. Stay lively, remove the barriers, do some workout, make some journeys, and take a step towards fitness.

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