Getting a viral infection is highly unpleasant. 

There’s just no better way to describe it. 

None of us wants to be subjected to tiny viral invaders that attack our cells and make us sick. 

Plus, viruses can be tricky to get rid of. 

The flu is a perfect example of this. And let’s not forget about viruses like Covid, Ebola, and all the others that we hear about almost daily! 

Thankfully, most viral infections can be defeated with the help of the body’s immune system. 

And thanks to immunizations, we can sometimes prevent them altogether. 

But what can you do to get better after succumbing to one of these infections? How can you avoid as much suffering as possible, recover, and get better?

That’s a great question. 

And in this blog post, we will explore that topic in-depth. 

Here’s how to get better in the aftermath of a viral infection. 

Note that every viral infection is different. So these tips are just highly generalized. You should always speak to your doctor if you’ve come sick with something! 

1. Stay Home And Get Some Rest

Your body will need strength and energy to fight this viral infection. 

So it’s best to stay home, get some rest, and take it easy while you’re going through it. 

A lot of people struggle with this. They want to keep working and/or trying to accomplish things while they’re recovering. 

But honestly, you’ll have a better experience if you take it easy and allow your body to rest. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Your body will need plenty of fluids—not only for general health and wellness but also to fight off these microscopic, viral invaders trying to take over. 

So make sure to drink plenty of water and to keep that water bottle refilled and close by at all times. 

If you get bored of water, you can also drink herbal teas. But make sure to drink fluids that’ll hydrate you. Stay away from energy drinks, soda, etc. 

3. Use Cannabis, But Sparingly

Many people don’t realize this, but you can use cannabis to help fight viral infections. 

But only to a point. 

If you’re not careful, you may work against your body’s ability to fight off infection if you smoke or ingest too much of it. 

Therefore, it’s recommended that if you consume cannabis while suffering from a viral infection, you should start with your minimal effective dosage and work your way up from that. 

You should also avoid high-potency cannabis products, as they may interact with your body in ways that can hurt its ability to fight off infection

4. Get Some Sleep

Sleep is truly the best medicine for your body while fighting a viral infection. 

Try going to bed earlier than usual and sleeping in as late as possible. Try to resist the temptation to binge-watch shows, and try to sleep as you rest and recover. 

As you sleep, your body will go to work fighting the infection, repairing damage, and rejuvenating your cells. 

This is all essential work. And the more you sleep, the better off your body will be as it strives to perform these vital functions. 

5. Eat Healthy Foods

We should always strive to make our diets as healthy as possible. 

But it’s of the utmost importance when recovering from a viral infection. 

So resist the urge to eat potato chips, fast food, and ice cream while sick. 

Instead, focus on eating healthy soups, fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods that’ll help to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs. 

It’s also essential to continue to eat regular meals to avoid malnourishing yourself while your body is trying to repair itself and recover. 


Hopefully, this post has helped to shed some light on the best practices to deploy in the wake of a viral infection. 

Your body will be under some serious stress during this time—so it’s of the utmost importance that you take it easy and help it out wherever possible. 

These tips are an excellent place to start. 

Good luck! And stay safe out there. 

We hope you recover quickly and get back on your feet soon! 

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