Pets are adorable; they lick and cuddle you when you come home, relieving your day’s stress. The furry ones, however, can sometimes be a menace, as their fur sticks easily on your lovely carpet and upholstery. If you love pets, sending them away isn’t an option, so you have to find a way on how to keep that fur off.

Grooming your pet is one step to keep the hair at a minimum, though read on to know other ways to clean it off.

Use Rubber Gloves

Put on a pair of rubber gloves; disposable ones will do as well. Wet the gloves and run your hands over the surface with fur to attract it. As the hair sticks to the gloves, wash it off and repeat the exercise till it all clears.

The gloves clean better as they can build up static electricity that attracts the fur easily. Balloons can also clear the hair as they have static electricity and are coarser than gloves. Put your hand in the balloon and run it over the fur on the fabric, and it’ll collect right up.

Vacuum Clean

Vacuuming is an excellent way of getting rid of pet hair and dander. A good vacuum cleaner will remove the allergens that affect people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Use a high-quality vacuum that has powerful suction, preferably one with HEPA filter to avoid dirt flowing back into the air.

For harder to reach areas, get a vacuum with a stair, brush, scrubbing, crevice, and rectangle attachments. Vacuum at least two times a week to avoid overaccumulation of fur. When deep cleaning, remove the furniture to ensure all hair from underneath is off.

Rub with Pumice Stone

The pumice stone you use to smooth your heels can come in handy for the carpet. Gently rub the pumice stone to scrape the carpet, and fur will gather up neatly and quickly. Rubbing will also smooth the carpet surface.

Use fabric softener with the stone to break the static bond on the surface and help loosen the fur. Wipe the surface in one direction as a two-way direction can embed the hair. Use a brush with a carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean the carpet.

Apply Baking Soda

Baking soda is one ingredient that probably isn’t lacking in your kitchen shelf. It’s an easy way of removing fur from your carpet and upholstery. Apply baking soda on the areas where the hair is and let it sit for a few minutes.

Use a vacuum to clean it up, leaving the surfaces sparkling clean. Baking soda will also leave the room smelling fresh.


Use Lint Roller

A lint roller removes fur quickly and easily making your upholstery neat. A lint roller with adhesive will make your work easy as it’ll pick even stubborn hairs. A roller without adhesive also gets the fur off, and you don’t have to buy refilling rollers, as is the case with the adhesive one.

You can use a lightweight lint roller and roll it over your pet to remove fur on it. A large lint roller will clean the carpet surface swiftly. Keep a lint roller at the back of the door to help remove hair that can stick on your clothes.


Masking tape or packing tape can help remove fur on surfaces as they work like a lint roller. Duct tape, however, is more suitable of the two as it’s overly sticky and long-lasting. Wrap the duct tape on your hand with the sticky side out, then run your hand on the surface to collect the pet hair.

Keep replacing the tape as the hair piles up on it and repeat till the fur is over. The duct tape works more like the lint roller, and it’s an inexpensive and effective way of removing embedded hair.


A squeegee doesn’t only get your window and doors clean, it can as well remove the pet hair. Run a squeegee over the carpet or upholstery, and it will collect the fur. The rubber attachment on it loosens the pets’ embedded hair.

As the hair accumulates on the squeegee, pick up, remove the hair and discard it. Use a squeegee with a long handle on the carpet and repeat the exercise until the whole place is clean.

Use Pet-Friendly Upholstery

Leather, though expensive, is considered pet-friendly. Fur doesn’t easily stick on it, and it’s easy to clean when it sticks. Microfiber fabric doesn’t scratch or rip easily, and it’s easy to clean off pet hair on it. You can also get denim, as soap and water is enough to give it a good clean.

Canvas is another good option for your pets to lie on since it’s cheap and cleans easily. When choosing pet-friendly fabrics, go for one with textures, patterns, and darker colors to help hide fur on them. For white-haired pets, go for a bright colored fabric and avoid buying tweed, silk, chenille, and velvet as they attract fluff easily.

Wash Pet Bedding

To avoid pet hair on your carpet and upholstery, get your pet some bedding. Place them on your pet’s favorite spot. Clean the bedding in the washing machine and clean any hairs that stick in the machine.

Covering the surfaces means only the covers remain with fur. As you remove the sheets, spray the surfaces with an anti-static spray, mix it with water and fabric conditioner then clean off any fluff on them.

If your pet likes climbing on furniture, train it firmly and persistently to stop, and it’ll help keep fur off your furniture. Groom your furry pet regularly by brushing it twice a week. You can also do a haircut once a month to control the shedding.

Bathe pets frequently and let them dry on the outside for at least an hour. If, after all the grooming the shedding continues, you may have to visit your vet to rule out any illness that may be causing excessive hair loss. When the fur sticks on the upholstery or carpet, try to remove it as soon as possible to avoid embedding harder.

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