Teenage years are very tricky and not so smooth most of the time. Especially for people who are overweight. This is because in this day and age, while there are advocates against fat shaming, many people still find it funny to do so. This makes overweight people and teenagers extremely insecure about themselves. However, there are people who are overweight and happy and there are people who are skinny and insecure about themselves. It depends on person to person, however overweight people tend to get negative about every aspect of themselves quite quickly. In such cases, quotes to uplift from livin3 can literally motivate such people and make them happy about themselves. With a happy mind, people can start thinking clearly and set achievable goals for themselves.

Recognise & Acknowledge Your Feelings

As the quotes to uplift from livin3 goes, “We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past.

The first stage to dealing with your emotions is to recognise all the toxic feelings which you feel. It may include anger, sadness, depressiveness, insecurity, frustration. Give yourself time to figure out how you are feeling and then tell yourself what you are feeling. For example,” I am upset and frustrated”. Give your feelings value because that is the only way you will be able to deal with them.


You can try talking to people about your feelings. Your parents, friends or even a therapist. However if you feel like you cannot talk to people because they wouldn’t understand then try and indulge in other activities. For example, draw, paint, write in a journal, read quotes to uplift from livin3. Everything and anything that helps you.

How to Deal With Social Concerns

Overweight people are often bullied a lot. This can encourage them to withdraw from social activities or even stop coming to school at all. Their insecurity increases to a great extent and their confidence keeps decreasing. However, even a person with the highest confidence feels a little insecure when doing something new or meeting new people. To deal with such social concerns such as bullying, try joining an after-school club like an art club or a society. It will be easier to make friends because people will be sharing the same interests as you and their focus will not be on your weight. However, keep a limit on the friends you make and only choose people who you think you can absolutely trust. Avoid people who you think are toxic for you.

You can even volunteer for certain activities or join a drama club or a book club.

How to Deal With Bullying

  • Write in a journal about your feelings. Writing helps to vent out a lot.
  • Talk to a trusted person.
  • Keep a friend close to you so that they can be there to support you.
  • Learn to ignore.

Encourage yourself by reading quotes to uplift from livin3 as well.

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