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There is hardly any home that you will step into, without at least one leather couch being in your line of sight. This is because leather is a trusted furniture material for many homeowners, due to the comfort, aesthetic value, and durability which it offers. To enjoy your leather couch, it is important to clean it thoroughly and regularly. This article discusses how to clean a leather couch so it looks brand new.

How To Clean Your Leather Couch

Below are the steps to follow in cleaning your leather couch.

  • Get Your Cleaning Materials:

To get the best result from your cleaning exercise, it is best to get your cleaning materials ready beforehand. Doing this will help you to clean the leather couch with speed and ease. The cleaning materials that you need include the following.

– Gentle Soap

– Vacuum Cleaner

– Soft Cloths

– White Vinegar

– Leather Cream

Leather Couch

  • Make A Cleaning Solution:

Before you start the leather sofa cleaning process, it is important to wipe down the leather couch. This will help you to get rid of crumbs, particles, and liquid stains that could leave a permanent stain on the leather couch. Follow this by making a cleaning solution, using warm water, vinegar, and mild soap.

  • Test Your Cleaning Solution:

After making the cleaning solution, you must test its effectiveness before using it. Do this by applying the solution to a small section of the leather sofa. If it takes stains out with no discoloration, then you are good to go.

  • Clean The Couch Using Soft Cloth:

Once you have determined that the cleaning solution is good for use, you can proceed to the actual cleaning process. For this, you will need two pieces of soft cloth, with each one serving a different function. One of the clothes should be used for cleaning, while the other should be used for drying the couch. You mustn’t get too much water onto the couch while cleaning, to avoid getting it soaked. Clean the sofa from top to bottom, moving your hand in gentle but firm motions.

  • Apply Leather Cream:

Leather cream serves as a conditioner, restoring your sofa to its original supple state. Apply your leather cream, after cleaning the sofa for the best result. It should be noted that leather cream is meant to be used only once in six months.

Overall, you must use your leather couch in the best conditions for assured durability. Keep your pets off the leather couch to avoid scratching and tears. Also be sure to moisturize your couch regularly, and fix any tear as soon as possible.

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