For many years, essential oils have found their way into homes. Many people love them for their natural and relaxing fragrance that is not commonly found in artificial products.

Essential oils are made of volatile plans that help improve the air quality of any living space, whether large or small. But for large homeowners you will want a diffuser that will reach every corner of your space, ridding all types of allergens and bacteria that cause bad odor.

Since the market is packed with numerous confusing options, reading through this article will help you find the best essential oil diffuser for large space.

Brand Matters: Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space

Branded items are quite pricey but they possess the right quality that you will not regret sure. So the first thing that you will have to look when choosing the best essential oil home diffuser is to choose a brand.

Each brand possesses specific features that that will dictate your choice. A good brand should have adequate water capacity ranging from 400 to 500-milliliter water tank capacity so it can run for hours without the need for refilling. Larger areas such as classrooms and function rooms will require a diffuser with at least 500-square feet for a higher-coverage capacity.

Brand Matters

Take note that some brands produce more noise than other brands. So if you are planning to turn on your diffuser at night, pick a brand with minimal noise creation. This feature is very helpful especially if you want a good night sleep or even if you are working and you don’t want the slightest sound to disturb you.

The quality of materials used also adds up to the distinguishing feature. Pick a brand with durable and lightweight materials. You can choose from wooden, plastic, ceramic, or glass also depending on where you want to place it.

The last thing that you don’t want to forget is the warranty. Some brands offer a longer warranty than other brands. Since you want to take home the best essential home diffuser for large space, it is highly recommended for you to choose a brand with at least one to five years warranty.

Types of Essential Oil Home Diffuser You Need to Know

Knowing the different types of the home diffuser that are available in the market helps you pick the best essential oil home diffuser for large space. Make sure that you inquire and read through the labels of the product you are buying so you do not end up with a sad face when you get home. The following are the different types of essential oil home diffuser you need to know.

Ultrasonic diffusers

These types of diffusers usually come with a sleek and sexy design and are known for their powerful features. An ultrasonic essential oil home diffuser passes electricity to a disk element, which vibrates the essential oil into millions of tiny particles that spread an invigorating aroma to your space. Since it doesn’t use heat, it preserves the original scent of your essential oil making it very conducive for relaxation and meditation.

Evaporative Diffusers

These types of diffusers use the fan to diffuse the essential oils into the air, spreading aromatic scent to your space. The only con of this type of diffuser is that it uses heat which can diminish the natural fragrance of your essential oils. An evaporative diffuser cost lesser than any other type of home diffusers.

Heat Diffusers

These are the most common types of essential oil diffusers that we see, especially in banquets and large hotel rooms. Traditionally, they use direct heat from candles to diffuse the fragrance oil. You can use them in the open air or in large rooms but since they are very traditional, you cannot expect them to fully maximize the aromatherapy effect of the essential oils.

What is the right price for an essential oil home diffuser?

Besides their features, another thing to look into when choosing the best essential oil home diffuser for large space is the price.

home diffuser

Home diffusers come in different size, shape, and design that can largely affect its price. Depending on the above-mentioned factors, the price of your home diffuser can vary a lot. For example, a 1, 500-milliliter ultrasonic home diffuser that can cover up to 450 feet of space cost around $40 to $100.

Larger diffusers that cover up to 800 square feet of space range from $100 to $150. Those with a sleek and modern-looking design can even cost more. The best thing with ultrasonic or nebulizing diffusers is that they do not use too much heat which helps preserve the natural scent of your essential oils. Although they are expensive, they are really worth your time and money.

Wooden diffusers usually cost around $25 to $50. With this price, you can enjoy a 600-milliliter capacity and eco-friendly features. Although they are not as encompassing as ultrasonic diffusers, they are more effective in humidifying the air in your space.

In fact, you can find high-end diffusers with Bluetooth capabilities and LED lights at only $36 to $80. The most important thing when looking at the price is also looking through the features they offer with more focus on quality and durability.

Sometimes, you are tempted to buy very cheap essential oil home diffusers because of your budget. However, if you really want to save more, you have to strike a balance between the features and the price. Here are more tips on how to choose the best essential oil home diffuser for large space.

  • Pick a home diffuser that matches the color of your house. Home diffusers do not just keep the air in your home fresh and fragrant but it can also cheer up a boring corner. Bright colored home diffusers are definitely ideal in creating a happy ambiance.
  • Be mindful of the design. Home diffusers are either round or rectangular. Round shapes are more versatile but if you want a more dimensional design for your house, you may choose a rectangular shape.
  • Ask opinion from your friends. Sometimes, it pays to shop with friends because they can give you the best opinion when you doubt between two beautiful home diffusers.
  • Strike the balance between the price and the features. Avoid deciding right away when you see a really cheap home diffuser. It is best to shortlist at least three products and compare their prices and features before putting one in the counter.

Choosing the best essential oil diffuser for large space can be a daunting experience. With this handy guide, you will find the best product that will suit your home for sure.

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