Well-being or what is popularly referred to as happiness has been of intense interest throughout the human history. El Rincón del Vago Magazine talks about various issues on how best you can improve your attitude. Well-being is composed of some separable but somehow related variables such as positive and negative feelings and satisfaction.

science of happieness

The science of well-being overviews what physiological science says about being happy. Positive thinking began when researches found out that attitude was negative which means there was more focus on suffering and illness but silence on the subject of how to flourish. Today we can say that psychology is shifting away from the contrast of positive and negative towards a better perspective on healthful living.

Here are some of the ways the science of well-being has been evolving:

Practices Of Happiness Vary From One Culture To Another


One of the aims of a positive mindset has been emerging methods that improve well-being. Some activities do not occur as we expect more so if we choose the incorrect one, we do them repeatedly, or we approach them with a lot of anxiety. In South Korea, for example, thanking the parent for doing their parental obligations is almost offensive. Therefore, expressing gratitude in South Korea is not always a positive experience. Contrary to that in America expressing gratitude makes them happy.

Different Types Of Meditation


The popularity of meditation in the west is on the rise. Meditation is being taught in training programs and retreats. According to one professor, some meditation techniques are less potent as compared to others. Additionally, she offered these types of meditation training:

Presence respiration meditation

Affect – affection-kindness meditation

Perspective watching more and avoiding knee-jerk reactions

Presence boosts attentiveness. Only Affect helps to improve kindness and unselfishness. On the other hand, only Perspective and Affect aided individuals to maintain their composure when in a stressful situation.

Passion Can Either Be PositiveorNegative

positive happiness

We are cautioned that we should be cautious when searching for passion as it demonstrates itself differently. There two types of desire each with different results:

Harmonious Passion

It is a health inclination towards something we adore. Harmonious passion makes us do something repeatedly, but it also consents to do other duties. People with this kind of passion are always resilient, persistent, optimistic, have high self-esteem and are more mindful and hopeful.

Obsessive Passion

Obsessive passion is commonly seen when we are not satisfied with some areas of life. Rather than desire pushing you to shine, it forces you to be better than others and to avoid failure.

For one to have a musical passion, it is advised that one should take the activity earnestly rather than taking themselves seriously.

Perseverance Is Not All That Is Need

For students to put their character strength into practice, they need to be motivated to know the correct strategies, and they should also be given the opportunity. Perseverance or grit is most commonly referred to as “strength of will” as opposed to the strength of mind or of heart. Besides, the power of the heart is the most essential of all.

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