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What Is Flippa?

Flippa was founded in 2009 as a spin-off website from an older website that they previously owned, which was called SitePoint. Flippa’s first project was to serve as an online marketplace for digital property – mostly websites and domain names.

It is a website portal where you can sell sites, domain names, and even mobile apps to interested parties. The portal aims to assist in the overall process of selling websites including setting them up for a variety of payment types, as well as managing purchases from verified customers.

What can you sell in Flippa?

Flippa is a website that serves as both an online marketplace and investing website. On Flippa, businesses come on the site via listings of new or pre-existing websites that are available to purchase. You can view these listings by browsing categories at the top of the Flippa homepage or using the advanced search options below.

It provides a variety of domains and mobile applications for purchasers to purchase, depending on if the company already owns the domain name or if they have to get it separately and use it in their application.

Flippa Marketing

How Does Flippa Work?

To succeed in using Flippa, it’s important to understand how their platform works. Although you are not selling or purchasing directly from Flippa, this marketplace is a peer-to-peer community where vendors and buyers connect. They post-digital assets they want to sell, at a predetermined price or in an auction and other users may then bid on these offers.

If you’re thinking about selling your business on Flippa, there are three main ways to go about doing so. Read below for more detailed information about each of the following:

  • Build and sell –

Creating a resource from the ground up. After months of development, make your site appealing to customers and monetize it by selling it on the market.

  • Buy and Sell –

This entails purchasing a website with cash but then selling it to make money. The site is only needed for so long as it earns online income, so you can sell it fairly quickly if you wish to go in another direction and use the money that’s made from the sale to do something else.

  • Flipping –

This refers to purchasing a website, holding it for a short amount of time, and then selling it for a higher price than you bought it.

Flippa Website

There are several different types of websites for sale out there, but they fall into one of these five categories:

As you can see, the Flippa website types are:

  1. Service.
  2. SaaS.
  3. eCommerce.
  4. Marketplace.
  5. Content.

Flippa Apps.

Flippa websites are divided into two categories: iOS and Android apps.

Apps are marketed the same way good websites are and they can fetch a good price. Due to the varied tech platforms that are used, it’s often easy to find someone who will purchase your app, but when it comes time for you to receive payment for a sale – it may be harder to come across and identify your perfect buyer.

This is why it’s essential that you have a strong understanding of the app market before making a purchase decision.

Flippa Domains.

Purchasing a website or app on Flippa is significantly easier than purchasing or selling a domain name. There is less field-specific data and information to relay, making payment processing and transfer more seamless.

Pricing, Escrow Fees, and Buyer Verification – Flippa Help Center.

Fees and charges on Flippa are quite simple. You pay for a listing package that fits your needs (regardless of a sale), and our Success Fee is payable when your sale completes successfully.

Please note that all fees and charges are in US Dollars (USD) and there may be currency exchange or other banking fees applicable from your financial institution or card issuer.

Listing Packages.

Listings can currently avail of up to four packages, depending on asset type and pricing: StandardListing Package ($29)EnhancedListing Package ($299)PremiumBoost Package ($399)UltimateBoost Package ($499)

More details about each of the packages are available on our page.

 What if I’m a buyer?

There is no registration fee to become a buyer. Register today to get started on your search for your dream online business opportunity.

Why Flippa Is the Best Place to Sell Your Website.

Digital real estate will become the next great commodity. Individuals and companies alike are enjoying a new age of innovation, where business transactions and the buying and selling of assets will be made possible.

Deciding between website brokers or an online auction marketplace is a critical choice when looking for the right site opportunity, access to a large buyer base, and fast setup time with advanced price optimization options.

While Flippa is different from SitePoint, Flippa was created by the same group that brought us SitePoint, and because of this, they both share the same vision in terms of providing quality information as well as assistance to anyone seeking it.

 Flippa Alternatives That I’ve Used To Acquire Sites

1. Motion Invest

Motion Invest is a great spot for finding sub $30,000 sites that have solid, verified earnings from the past 10-plus months. Motion Invest is a great brokerage when you’re concerned about the traffic and earnings information being fully vetted and verified.

The number of sites available tends to be smaller but the vetting process lets you see 10 months of traffic and earnings, allowing you to see trends, as well.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a website broker with a sterling reputation. In my experience, their biggest focus is on larger, more expensive websites and online businesses. Major focus on “premium” sites or online businesses that are in the six-figure range.

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