Health supplements are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Millions of health-conscious people and professional athletes include health supplements in their daily dietary intake to get healthy and stay fit. Reports and Data Analysis predicts the global health supplement market is set to reach an astonishing US$ 210 billion by 2026, with a staggering 6.4% CAGR. North America is deemed to be the biggest market for health supplements.

Despite the comprehensive coverage of the world by the internet, there are many supplement makers and marketers who are missing out on the wonderful opportunities offered by the global health supplement industry. The main reason why supplement makers and marketers are missing out on the global industry is due to a lack of quality health supplement branding.

We talked to branding experts at Brandality, the leading branding agency in the UK, and found out everything one needs to know about branding products successfully. If you are looking for ways to promote and sell your health supplement to a bigger consumer base then read on. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the basics and benefits of health supplement branding in today’s consumer-driven market.

The need for a unique supplement branding strategy

In the ad-filled world, we live in today, your brand and product need to stand out. To achieve that, you need to do something special. Researchers have proven how strong visual messages are to influence buyers. When you combine these messages with authentic experiences, then you have the recipe for a winning branding strategy.

Branding strategy is the deciding factor for whether your health supplement takes off like a hot product or becomes lost among the thousands of smaller, lesser-known dietary supplement brands on the internet.

Factors that ensure excellent health supplement branding

To ensure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves, include these 3 factors into your health supplement branding strategy:

  1. Become a recognizable brand in the targeted nutritional supplement market
  2. Promote the product’s recognizable features
  3. Make sure to broadcast and promote strategically on relevant media

Health Supplement

Health supplement branding strategy should answer these questions

According to branding experts, to build a relevant health supplement branding strategy, you need to introspect on the aim and efforts of your product and company. This will help to decide the method of marketing which you will use to communicate with potential buyers.

Some of the questions your branding strategy should answer are:

  • Who are you? –

The branding strategy should be able to reveal to the potential buyer about your company. You will need to decide the brand image you wish to reveal to your consumers.

  • Can you describe your brand in three words?

Branding strategies that can describe your brand and company with only three simple adjectives are streamlined and help to make the branding strategy more effective.

  • What makes you different from your competitors?

To avoid creating a health supplement brand that gets mixed and lost among the thousands of smaller, unknown brands around the world, you need to showcase your Unique Selling Points (USP) which should let the consumer know what makes your product different from the other on the shelves.

  • What are your values and mission?

Consumers tend to connect better with brands that share their values and personal goals. This is especially true for products that are consumed, such as health supplements. Hence, an effective health supplement branding strategy needs to highlight your values and aims clearly while communicating with the consumer.

  • Who is the ideal consumer?

It is important to identify the ideal consumer for your product if you want to build a fail-proof supplement branding strategy. Do your own research and consult with branding and marketing experts to identify the ideal consumer demography.

  • Where will you sell your supplement? –

There are numerous ways to sell your health supplement, right from conventional brick and mortar stores to selling online on renowned eCommerce platforms. Your branding strategy should be crafted around the specific type of end consumer and the distribution channels.

Defining your health supplement brand identity is very important

The next step in creating an effective health supplement branding strategy is to define the core elements of brand identity design.

These are the factors that help to define your brand identity and result in creating effective health supplement branding strategies:

  • Typography –

The fonts and typography of brand designs are strong visual messages for consumers. The typography should instantly communicate who you are and what your brand means to the customer.

  • Color palette –

Color is another highly recognizable aspect of branding. Choosing the right color for your brand logo and packaging can help influence consumer choice with color psychology.

  • Shape –

The type of shape of the product packaging is also another essential deciding factor for effective branding and marketing of your health supplement.

It is highly recommended to hire a health supplement branding company that has significant experience in helping other supplement brands to grow in the tough market.

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